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Sunday, July 12, 2015


So I finally started wearing makeup on again, meaning having a few minutes of time every morning to put on a decent face because Henri is finally sleeping longer in the morning. (Yay! *jumps and clicks heels together*)

During my makeup-free period, I realized that having perfectly groomed eyebrows never fails to make you look put together when you're anything but. When I have to leave the house to run some quick errands, I only had time for brows so convenience and something on-the-go was important to me. Brows that WOW frame the face when done correctly. In doing so, using the perfect product on your brows is just as important as when you are going to groom them.

This is the first time I am trying out the SNOE Tinted Eyebrow Pencil Wax and I must say that I really like it. I love that it's affordable and the pencil can last you a while. I have been using this eyebrow product for weeks now and I haven't sharpened the pencil yet. There is a trick on how to use this though. I will let you know in a little bit.

What’s Up Brow! Tinted Eyebrow Pencil Wax, PhP 699/each

A fan of SNOE products? Find out more about this product after the break!

Description from their website says:
What’s Up Brow Tinted Eyebrow Pencil Wax Highly Pigmented. Water Resistant. Soft Easy Formula 
Create beautiful and natural brows with What’s Up Brow Tinted Eyebrow Pencil Wax. This soft and easy pencil will shape and tame unruly eyebrows while filling in sparse areas with just a few strokes. Arches will be in tip-top condition and impeccable shape with its wax formulation that perfectly adheres and is easy to blend. This dual-ended pencil with an essential spool brush makes it easy and convenient to create fuller brows.
I received both shades that are available: ochre and khaki. Both are blonde based so you don't have to worry about ending up with brown-orange brows like some brown brow pencil would do.
Snoe's other brow products come in 2 shades, except for the SNOE What’s Up Brow Brow Lash Powder Lengthens and Thickens which comes in 3 shades. This eyebrow pencil comes with a spoolie brush so that you can easily groom your brows and it can also tone down the product if you end up with too much.
The tip of the pencil is a soft-waxy substance but it's sturdy enough if you apply a bit of pressure on it. I recommend using this pencil with light feathery strokes though mimicking the growth of your brow hairs.
The product glides on easily on the surface of the skin so you can really easily end up with too much product. Even with a light hand, I still ended up with a lot of product on my hand as you can see. So it's really important that you start as little as possible, with the lightest feathery stroke as you can.
The khaki shade is a little bit too light for me now since I have a bit of regrowth on my roots so I am opting for ochre. It's a deep shade of brown without any orange undertones which is always good.
Using light strokes, I filled in my brows and used the spoolie brush to groom my brows and erase any harsh edges that may look drawn on.
There's nothing special about this product (and I don't mean that in a bad way), it does its job real well and it's really convenient to use too! No special skills required so you can be sure that you don't look like you have tattooed brows on.
Snoe has eyebrow tints called What's Up Brow 3D Eyebrow Setting Mascaras, but I personally use K-Palette's 1 Day Tattoo Eyebrow Mascara.


  • Easy to use.
  • Comes with a spoolie brush.
  • Easy to blend when you end up with too much product.
  • Water resistant. This means it won't run if you sweat too much.
  • Shades available suits most Filipina skin tones.
  • Easily available in SNOE stores.

  • Slightly pricey for an eyebrow pencil.
  • You will need a really good pencil sharpener to be able to sharpen it well, otherwise the tip breaks off easily.

  • Formula is a little bit too pigmented so you will need to use really light strokes. This could be a problem for first time brow enthusiasts. So I recommend the brow powders instead.

Retail Price: PhP 699
Purchased For: Gift from Snoe (Thank You!)
Will I re-purchase? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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  1. coming from you,i would purchase this product! wish i could have a perfect putting makeup on my brows. just like you..


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