Unboxing my BDJ+Bioderma Box

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


One of the joys of being a beauty blogger is that I get to stay home and spend time with my newborn, Henri. He and I have bonded so much from the time of the breastfeeding dark days, and I am loving every minute of motherhood! Sorry, I just had to gush. But with that, comes the delay in posting blog posts!

But anyway, oh happy day, it's BDJ Box time once again! Last month, BDJ Box collaborated with Bioderma. I have always wanted to try their skin care after hearing from people that it's a really good brand. I haven't had the chance though because I wouldn't know where to start, so thankfully, this collaboration with BDJ gives me a preview on which products I can work with first and maybe purchase in the future what worked out real well for me.

BDJ Box+Bioderma, June 2015

Click more to see what's inside!

I'm sure by now you have already seen what's inside the June 2015 box since I am really late in posting! LOL I must have had my boxes mixed up, because the July box I received I already posted on IG when I had no yaya and I wanted to share my box! LOL For some reason I received this box late so I must have gotten them mixed up! But anyhoo, it's still love and fun in a box just the same.
I am also thrilled to get a PhP 200 gift cheque from The Body Shop because there are hundreds of products I can get from the brand!
All of the products from Bioderma are sample sizes, so here's to hoping that I can see and feel the difference it makes on my skin to convince me to buy a full sized product from them. I heard some people say that they were a little bit disappointed with the box because they were all sample sizes, but I know that Bioderma is very expensive and they are in fact effective so this box is much more than the subscription price.
I will definitely make a review on these products because I have always been curious about Bioderma! I will do it next week, I promise!

Have you gotten your BDJ July Box yet? What do you think of it, and which one is your favorite product from the box?

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  1. I am one of those disappointed seeing this box, but having tried the samples, I can say na "puwede na rin". My skin really improved using Bioderma. Hope for your review soon :)


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