Bathe in Luxury, Bathe With Lux! (First impressions+Giveaway)

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

#BatheWithLux #Giveaway   

Working up days before we could post this, we were given this sample set by Lux to try and experience first hand. I am a bath wash kind of person and it's the one beauty thing I cannot live without. I can skip the other things in the shower, but not the body gel. I love using loofas and I think that they make bath time more fun and luxurious, don't you think?

When I got my Lux package, I was impressed by the very classy packaging. Who doesn't love purple, black, or gold?

Lux Magical Spell Perfumed Soap, PhP 39 | Lux Magical Spell Fragranced Body Wash, PhP 55
250ml also available (Price TBA)
Intrigued and want to try it yourself? Info after the break!

It was love at first whiff too. This particular perfume fragrance was created an formulated by expert perfumers from New York, Paris, and London.

The overall look reminds me of Victoria's Secret Love Spell that I have obsessed over when I was in high school. Do you remember that?
I am a fruity-floral fragrance kind of gal so this really hits the spot. Their fabulous bath line comes in four other variants which are Magical Spell, Love Forever, Soft Touch, and White Impress. I can't wait to try the others. I think I just might buy the other variants for myself since it doesn't take long for me to finish a bottle of body wash.
When I was invited to be one of the lucky 40 people to be the first ones to try Lux, there was only one answer: YES! Lux was one of the brands I would shop for when I was in the US and now it's really thrilling to know they finally arrived in Manila.
This is their 100ml bottle which is perfect to take with you when you travel. I love that they came out with 100ml bottles because it would be faster to consume and you can try the other variants. Although if I am given 250ml bottles, I wouldn't mind too.
It doesn't take too much product or too much effort to make the bash wash bubble, and the suds that it produces is so soft and luxurious and it smells absolutely divine. The consistency is really creamy and you know that it's really luxury in a bottle. It takes only this amount to work up a lather and you can wash you entire body with just this much. Actually you can even use less!
The fragrance lasts about 8 hours on your skin but don't worry, the perfume is not overpowering! Believe me, I have a very sensitive nose when it comes to perfumed products but this Magical Spell perfume is not at all over powering. It's a very nice hint of perfume on your skin that lingers up to 8 hours. So if you don't like wearing perfume, this would be a nice alternative.
Great news! Lux is giving away this fabulous gift set to the first 4,500 people who registers online so hurry now and get to experience it first hand! All you have to do is click this unique link: GET FREE SAMPLE SET HERE. Sorry, but the perfume bottle and the loofa is not included. You will receive the leather pouch, the soap, and the body wash.

There is a limit to one sample set per household so if you have other family members who would like to try it, they would have to enter a different address.

LUX Soaps and Body Washes are available at all leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores nationwide.

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  1. The free samples are not available anymore. The first time I saw it from another blogger, it was already taken...

    1. Oh no that's too bad :( All the bloggers who were invited to do the giveaway (only 40 bloggers) each have a unique link. I guess the number of gift sets reserved for my readers have all been taken already when you clicked the link :( Maybe they will do another run! Will keep my fingers crossed though ♥

  2. una ko to nakita sa youtube ads. then after about 3 hours ubos agad 4500 slots hahahaha bilis

  3. I didn't expect that the soap would be presented as pretty as this one. Floral carvings makes it look prettier!


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