Bvlgari welcomes the latest addition to the Omnia family: Paraiba

Monday, October 26, 2015

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Last week, before going down with a really bad cold, I attended Bvlgari's launch of their new Omnia fragrance, the "album" of scents and spells, a "sampler" of the wonders of Brazil: Paraiba. Its inspiration? From the Amazon to the Iguazu Falls, the baroque palette of Salvador to the futuristic decor of Brasilia, the beaches of Rio to the fields of precious stones of Minas Gerais and the Northeastern Region, Nature in Brazil is a magical cauldron open to the skies.

Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba 65ml, PhP 5,080

This latest addition to the Omnia family is just so me. It's a fruity floral fragrance that is uber feminine but not sickly sweet.

Omnia Paraiba pays tribute to a superlative, Latin and universal femininity, archetypal, in her diversity, her freedom of being, asserting herself and daring, of the Omnia Woman.
At the event, the bottles are hand painted by the talented illustrator, Soleil Ignacio.
 I was transported to paradise when I was at the event. Made me want to book a flight to Brazil and visit the island of Paraiba.
Illustrator, Soleil Ignacio
 Even our cocktails were tropically themed. I love it!
One of the best things about the Omnia family is that it is Toilette. I love how it's not over powering but it lasts an entire afternoon, and it trails behind you nicely just like how a parfum would do. This is perfect for everyday, and very sensual for the evening as well.
Host, Joey Mead-King
We were entertained with authentic Brazilian music too.
TOP NOTES: The fragrance opens on a fresh and vibrant citrus start, combining the sparkly and dazzling tonalitites of Curacao Bigarade with the juicy and tangy flesh of the Maracuja passion fruit. A head chord which grabs with its luminosity, its lightness and its gentle insouciance.

HEART NOTES: The flamboyant nature of Omnia Paraiba is revealed in its heart. Both generous and precious, it combines the creamy sunny character of the Gardenia with the exotic fruity floral note of the Passion Flower. A combination which brings great depth to the fragrance.

BASE NOTES: In its base notes, the heat increases, the rhythm picks up speed and an intense sensuality takes shape. The timeless elegance of Vetiver brings elegant, woody and hypnotic elements to the delicious powdery accents of the Cocoa Bean. Creatnig the exquisite  sensation of skin warmed by the sun.

In simpler terms, this is a fruity-floral fragrance which is just so ME.
I love how everything in this packaging is pure luxury. Even the USB press kit is just divine!
Omnia Paraiba is available in 25ml Eau de Toilette Jewel Charm, PhP 2,898 | 40ml Eau de Toilette Bottle, PhP 3,950 | 65 ml Eau de Toilette Bottle, PHp 5,080

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