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Thursday, October 29, 2015


It's fun being a girl! ... And sometimes, it's not.

Whenever a girl's got beauty related emergencies, it's chaotic. At least for me. Chapped lips? Coffee breath? Even bathroom related emergencies can catch any girly girl off guard! Thanks to Cream Silk's "Just in Case" bag that they sent over, I feel I can leave the house with confidence!

Cream Silk Standout Straight Leave-On Cream 40ml, PhP 49

When Cream Silk sent over this Just in Case bag, I have been keeping it in the glove compartment in my bag and I plan to replace/refill them when I use them up. It's got medicines: for headache, stuff nose, and even for embarrassing diarrhea! The kit also includes Vaseline for chapped lips, TicTacs for coffee or stale breath, a lip and cheek tint (in case you forgot your makeup kit at home!), a sewing kit, emergency hem tape, and the most important thing: Cream Silk's Stand Out Straight Leave-On Cream.
I am one of those lucky girls who seem to suffer from bad hair day since birth, and having no product on my hair is a no-no. I always have to put something to tame my wavy hair. Specially after giving birth when I suffered from massive hair fall, I have all these baby hairs sticking out and I have to use something that would be safe for my scalp, and yet, can tame my mohawk.
This portable Cream Silk Leave On Cream with an easy twist cap is so handy you can actually carry it around in your purse. It's great for students who suffer from big hair in the afternoon, or for yuppies who would want to freshen up their hair sometime during the day.
 I love that it's not that heavy. It doesn't have the consistency of a thick conditioner. In fact, it feels a little bit like gel that gets easily absorbed by the hair and won't leave you looking so greasy. The scent and the color is the same as the regular shower conditioner, but that one is just a tad thicker because you will be rinsing that off anyway.
You can use this product on either wet/damp hair (before styling your hair), or on dry hair. Here's my mohawk. Don't you just love all those baby hairs?
When applied on dry hair, hair instantly feels smoother, softer, and tamer. It also makes the hair look shiny! I love having sleek hair when I tie it in a bun or a ponytail. It just looks more polished that way.
The fact that it gives excellent results, it's affordable too at only PhP 49 for 40ml. It will last a while too because all you need is a little to tame even the longest of hairs!

So, what's your beauty emergency and what do you carry around to deal with it if it does happen? Do tell!

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