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Monday, October 12, 2015


I have always loved anything girly-looking even though I don't act and dress up like one! Every time I pass by an Etude House store, I am always drawn to go in to look at their stuff even though I won't buy anything -I just love browsing their store. This is the first time I will be reviewing and using Etude House lipsticks so this is actually a pretty exciting post (well, for me at least)!

Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk Lipsticks, PhP 578 each
I received two shades from Etude House a couple of months back: RD 302 Runway Burgundy, which is a deep orchid shade, and BE101 Chic Hollywood Beige, which is a girly nude pink shade. When choosing my lippies, no matter what brand, I love having one dark and one light in my purse each time in case I want to switch from day to night, or you can mix them together to make a whole new shade. It depends on your mood actually. These lippies came with names too which make them specially cute because it comes with packaging as adorable as this!
Shades in this line from Etude House include:
  • PK001 Propose Pink
  • PK002 First Kiss Pink
  • PK003 Secret Love
  • OR201 Pure Coral
  • OR202 Actress Coral
  • OR203 Career Women Coral
  • RD301 Just Red
  • RD302 Runway Burgundy
  • BE101 Chic Hollywood Beige
  • BE102 Goodness Beige
I am assuming that PK is code for Pinks, OR is code for Oranges, RD is code for Reds, and BE is code for Beiges.
This is what Etude House has to say about their Dear My Wish Lips Talk lipsticks:
"Our lipsticks are highly vivid which turns lips attractive and alluring."
This rich color, rich nutrition and rich moisture lipstick comes with a new texture that melts smoothly onto lips and delivers vivid color with just one touch.

☆ Soft and Smooth Texture
Skin-caring and moisturizing contents offers amazing sensation of applying.

☆ Easy One Touch Vivid Color on Lips
Highly vivid lipstick turns lips attractive and alluring.

☆ Moisturized and Glowing Lips
Vegetable Squalan offers radiance to the lips.
Yes, to be fair, it does melt into the lips and glides on like butter (yes, butter!), I love how silkily it glides on your lips.
I love the girly packaging because they just look so pretty in your dresser, or your makeup kit. I like the synched waist tied with a pretty bow. It clicks closed so that you have nothing to worry about the cover flying about in your purse and the lipstick making a whole lot of mess in your cosmetics bag.
While swatching these lippies on my hand, I was pretty impressed with the pigments on the lippies because they were really high on color. It was highly pigmented and it only took a single swipe to bring out its true color. It did glide on like butte on skin and it "melts" into the skin making it look like it was tattooed on.
But applying it on the lips is a lot different than doing a swatch on your hand. For some reason, it doesn't sit right on my lips and I had to swipe it several times on my lips to get all of my lips covered.
It has a slightly glossy and creamy finish, but somehow it looks very splotchy on my lips. I will have to learn how to apply this that will not make it look uneven.
The darker shade is even harder to apply. It looks light on some areas and darker on where the lips are slightly thicker in skin. I think exfoliating my lips will make the lipstick glide on more smoothly and more evenly.
This is 3 layers on my lips. It took 3 swipes on my lips to get the color to look a little bit more even. Although I did love the formula of the lipstick because it's extremely hydrating.
ON MY FACE: MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural in Medium applied with a powder brush, Benefit Brow Zings, Elizabeth Arden Radiance Blush in Sunburst, Snoe Slim Shade Me in Peanut, Maybelline Color Show Vibrantly Bold Eyeliner, and Canmake Nose Shadow Powder


  • Glides on the lips silkily giving a nice creamy, glossy finish.
  • Doesn't emphasize fine lines on the lips.
  • Affordable at PhP 578 per tube. Not bad for a Korean brand.
  • Conveniently available in SM Watson's.
  • Glossy finish on the lips.
  • Doesn't have a weird fragrance, safe for sensitive skin.
  • Safe for girls or teens.
  • Perfect for women who do not like wearing lipstick because it actually feels like balm.
  • Plenty of shades available.
  • Does not bleed. It stays put on your lips.

  • Needs to be swiped several times to get a nice even color.
  • Can emphasize chapped lips so best to exfoliate first.

  • Non transfer proof. Or non-long wearing formula.
  • Has to be retouched each time after you drink or eat.
  • Can end up on your teeth if you do not blot.

Retail Price: PhP 578.00
Purchased For: Gift from Etude House (Thank You!)
Will I re-purchase? Yes. Will try other shades.
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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