Happy Skin Lippies: The Matte and The Lacquer are just pure HAPPIskinESS

Monday, October 26, 2015


For those of you who already know, I am a lippie kinda gal. Yes. I will die without lippies, specially really loud, attention grabbers, kinda lippies. I love them in all shades, even in bright orange or dark purple. Although I recently realized that deep purples do not look so good on me, I love them nonetheless.

I am not a lipgloss kinda gal, but this new lip gloss from Happy Skin may have changed my mind.

I have received several lippies from Happy Skin after these two but I am saving those for another post. I am just really loving these two shades that's why I am putting them under the spotlight to shine a light on how gorgeous these new formulas are.
Shut Up & Kiss Me Power Pout Moisturizing Lip Lacquer, PhP 699 | Shut Up & Kiss Me Power Pout Moisturizing Matte Lippie, PhP 649

I loooove matte lipsticks. Some may say otherwise but I really love them because it stays on the lips like tattoo. Plus, the odds of them ending up on your teeth is a lot slimmer than creamy ones. So the first time Happy Skin announced that they're finally coming out with a matte lipstick, I was elated. Seriously elated.

The moisturizing matte lippie comes in 3 shades: Pop the Question -which is a pale nude pink lipstick, Best Date Ever -which is a berry kind of pink that reminds me of their previous shade from the Holiday collection last year Naughty and Nice but in matte version, and this shade right here which is Follow Your Heart -which is a bright pink lippie.
The Follow Your Heart shade reminds me of their Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in Summer Crush from their Summer Collection but in a much brighter and lighter pink. They have the same feel, it's a summer shade for me.
I love the shade, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't seem to go with my really dark hair. That's when I really realized that I badly need highlights. Ugh. I am going for the least maintenance hair color but it's not doing my complexion and my lippies any good. I want to go back to blonde. Hmm... 
Ok, getting a little bit off topic but here's a closer look at the lippie up close. Isn't it gorgeous? I didn't moisturize my lips before applying it you can see that there is ZERO flakeness. I love how I haven't even taken water yet having taken my photo just this morning before heading out to an early doctor's appointment. Yes, Henri has a cold (boooo!)
The lip lacquer is a whole different story. It's not just a lip gloss, it's actually a glossy lipstick in my opinion.
It's highly pigmented, but not at all sticky or neither does it feel really thick and uncomfortable on the lips. I love using this lippie when I badly need heavy moisturizing on my lips and I don't have a lip balm around.
I love how girly this lipstick looks on me and it looks really well with my hair color too so I give this baby a 10! Don't you just wish us girls just #wokeuplikethis ?
I am a big fan of Happy Skin so there is no need to do a play by play on the pros and cons. If there are new ones, I'll let you know!


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  1. lovely shades!
    i also love matte lippies! =)
    xo, Gracina

  2. I love the color and it definitely looks good on you!



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