Lotion in water form? Ingenious! A closer look on Kracie's Skin Conditioners

Thursday, October 08, 2015

I received these Kracie products a couple of months after giving birth. But since I am not a big fan of lotions and other moisturizing products like body butters, I set aside these for a while. But after I gave birth, my skin suffered from extreme dryness and flakiness because of the hormonal changes my body was going through.

Lotions and body butters were out of the question because I really couldn't stand applying anything thick and greasy on my skin right now. Even if it's the "ber" months, where our weather is supposed to be somewhat a little bit cooler, it's not. So it's great that these Kracie Skin Conditioners are available in our country today so you can keep you skin hydrated without the greasy, sticky after-feel.
Kracie Skin Conditioner in Tomato Extract and Yuzu Extract 500ml, PhP 495 each
Every time I find myself turning away from lotions and find my skin really dry and flaky, I vow that I will endure the sticky feeling lotions give me just so my skin won't look so dull because it's so dehydrated. But soon after slathering on lotion on my skin in the morning after my shower, I remember all the reasons why I don't like putting lotions.

When it comes to skin care, Kracie is a renowned Japanese brand. So when it was time to finally test these, I didn't have my doubts that it would work beautifully on my skin. There are a total of three variants in all, and I am dying to try the one with Rice Extract soon! I must say, I am pretty addicted to these skin conditioners by Kracie because it seems like a match made in heaven. I get to have my cake and eat it too! I get to moisturize my skin everyday (even in the middle of the day), without the stickiness and without the drying time!

This one, photographed below is with Yuzu extract. Yuzu is a citrus fruit plant that is rich in Vitamins and Citric Acid that does wonders for  the skin for brightening.
with Yuzu (Citrus) Extract, PhP 495
Imagine a skin moisturizer that feels like water and yet it works like a lotion/body butter. Finally! A product that we could finally use in our country! You gotta hand it to the Japanese when it comes to coming up with such innovative products.

Now this variant below contains Tomato Extract which is rich in Vitamins and Lycopene for Anti-Aging.
Tomato Extract, PhP 495
Of course, our home brands know a lot more about our climate so they have created lightweight lotions already, but nothing like this.

So after giving birth where my skin was exceptionally dry and scaly (yes! SCALY), I thought what better time to test this product. It has a very light consistency, exactly like water, as you can see below. It's hard to keep your hand because it's just like water, so it's probably also why they sell it in such a big container like this. They anticipated that people will be spilling so much of this stuff. No, I'm just kidding.
And since it's too runny to apply it like lotion, I put it in an atomizer bottle and just spray all over my body and spread it as I would do with lotion. It works wonders on me and it's economical too! I get to save a lot of product from spilling too much and making a mess.

I love spraying this on my face too because it's very refreshing. I do so with my eyes closed though. Don't be daft, you can't spray anything on your face while your eyes are open. The best thing about this is that it's fragrance free too so really, it's like slathering on water on your skin. It's easily absorbed so absolutely ZERO drying time and no sticky feel after -you can dress up right after your shower.

No standing in front of the electric fan anymore to let your skin absorb all the lotion you just applied. Can you relate to this? LOL

Have you tried anything like this before? Do tell!

Kracie products are exclusively available in Beauty Bar nationwide. You may also purchase Kracie in their online store at www.shop.beautybar.com.ph

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  1. These sound absolutely wonderful! I have never tried anything quite like that. So glad it worked out well for you.

    1. I know right? I'm just glad we can finally use body moisturizers here in this humidity! Thanks for dropping by! ♥

  2. Wow perfect to this coming summer Ms.Sab! I wonder if hindi na magdadry skin after applying this, like when you scratch or run your nails on to your skin wala na siyang white marks. A little bit pricey, pero since it's from Japan it's worth to try!

  3. I've been wanting to try this for some time now! I wonder where you got the atomizer though as I've been looking for a good spray bottle for my products.


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