MAC Blush in Melba

Tuesday, October 06, 2015


Hey everyone! How is everyone liking my new look? I am so proud of my new template that I bought from ThemeXpose, being the non-techie that I am -I mean I sort of am, but not being able to design a blog completely on my own, paying for a theme is worth it. For only $30, I was able to install this theme hassle-free. It came with step by step tutorials on how to install all the widgets! You can pay via PayPal which makes it so convenient as well. Pretty idiot-proof actually!

Ok, so now I am able to get that off my chest, I would like to tell you about this MAC blush that I received a few months ago. To tell you honestly, it took me this long to post a review on this shade because it took me a while to get used to this MAC blush of choice would be Mocha because that shade really brought out the best of my complexion.

I, however, have noticed that when I wear this shade I get lots if compliments. They say that I have "color" what ever that means. Maybe I don't look too pale. The Melba is a very pretty coral peachy color. To tell you honestly, I look better in pinks.

MAC Blush in Melba, PhP 1,300

More about Melba after the jump!

When applying this blush, you got to be easy on the hand because it can get a bit bright and you end up with too much on your cheeks, but if applied with a very light hand, it looks stunning.
I have a pretty fair complexion, some would say that I am almost too white but I don't think I am. Seriously, I really see myself having the same skin color as JLo. My husband really laughs hard at that.

Even though I do look better in pinks, I am lucky enough that I can pull off tones from warm to cool with little or no problem. It all depends on what else I put to go with them really. This blush is a very pretty peach shade and has nice pigmentation. Unfortunately, it sometimes look rather orange and ruddy on me vs. naturally peachy, so if you would like to try this blush I recommend really testing it first before buying. 

It's not as crazy bronzey orange as the WORLDLY WEALTH blush that I reviewed a few months back, but they do have the same warm undertone.
I don't try to apply it too heavy, instead, I dip my brush on the pan with a very light hand and tap off excess. But I do generally need to work up the color when I use the dip and tap off method. 2 swipes will make it show up real well.
Even after I blend it out it looks fine in certain lighting conditions. But then I catch a glimpse of myself in other lighting and it looks obvious and orange, and to be quite honest, a bit unattractive. In general though it's a very nice blush to mix with other blush shades. If you need a blush having a warmer tone, you can blend that with this shade no problem.
It has decent staying power and I'm happy to have it in my collection. I don't use it on my brides though because pinks always, always, always photographs better.

It goes with pretty much any other makeup look which is always a plus. But I would mix in a bit of pink or red in there when using cool shades so it won't clash with the other cooler tones, specially with lipsticks. So I think it's safe to say that this gets an A+ for versatility.


  • Highly pigmented!
  • Extremely blendable. But always start light rather than heavy application.
  • Buildable color. Can range from subtle peach shade to a shading product.
  • Gives a very soft, silky, velvet finish that sets on top of powder real well.
  • Doesn't cause makeup to cake when mixed with oil or sweat!
  • You can add to apples of the cheeks to give you a sun kissed glow!
  • Affordable for a big pan of blush like this. My MAC blushes usually last me more than a year.
  • Looks very natural if applied with a light hand using a brush.
  • Buildable, each swipe of your brush picks up the right amount of product.
  • You can mix with other shades to customize a color that suits you best.
  • Non-chalky.

  • It is not a typical wearable shade when used alone. But nice to have handy in your makeup kit if you are a pro makeup artist.
  • Best to be used on warmer skin tones. May not be suitable for fair-skinned women with cool skin tones.
  • Did not last on me, only a few hours.

  • N/A

Selling Price: PhP 1,300
Purchased For: Gift from MAC
Will I re-purchase this product in particular? Maybe.
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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