My first organic artisanal soap Instagram purchase for Henri

Friday, October 02, 2015


I have been switching from one baby soap to the next from commercial branded ones, to castile soaps, and now jumping on the organic artisanal soaps bandwagon. I wasn't really big on organic before but having your own all-natural bath and skin care brand made me more aware in using products that do not contain harmful chemicals. I owe it to Google too for providing me all the information I need on what harmful ingredients to avoid.

Having finished Grandma El's Tear-Free Gentle Baby Wash, I discovered this little home-based brand of artisanal soaps, Island Girl. This seller sells only in Instagram (@islandgirlsoapery) but I immediately fell in love with this soap. Ok, it got me at Super Baby Milk Bath, but really, I used to just use DOVE for sensitive skin on Henri since birth and it has been so good on his skin.

I am not really an IG shopper, which is kind of weird because I have an IG account for Nekkid. But I really found out recently that Instagram stores are quite convenient! Specially hashtags, boy, those things are helpful specially if you are on shopping mode and are looking for something in particular. That's how I ended up in Island Girl Soapery's Instagram account, and eventually on Facebook.

If you are anything like me -who cares so much about packaging, then maybe you would be a little bit skeptic about buying from this seller at first. But having read great reviews in her account, then I was pushed to buy and try it. Plus, she makes these soaps herself which makes it even more impressive.

Curious about this post? More after the break!

As I have mentioned earlier. It comes in a not-so attractive packaging. I always start my review talking about packaging though. Some people think that's shallow, but I think it really helps to have good packaging.

So I'm hoping they would have a much nicer packaging (I am kind of BIG in packaging as you may well know), and it doesn't indicate how much each soap weighs. This bar of soap costs PhP 120 -which I think is not bad for an organic soap, then again, most artisanal homemade soaps are quite pricey.
When the package arrived, I got 2 samples of her other soaps that is great for babies. One is Castile soap, and the other is something else but I forgot because I used it up on myself before I could even take a photo. So thank you to the seller for giving me a freebie! I have yet to try the Castile Soap on Henri!

I am really into Calendula extract right now for Henri because Calendula has so many benefits on baby skin.

Calendula oil is traditionally used for abdominal cramps and constipation. It's your skin that will receive a good bulk of the benefits, thanks to the oil's anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and related properties. Here are some of the promoted benefits of this oil:
  1. Skin dryness or chapping – Calendula oil is a great moisturizer for dry skin and for severely chapped or split skin. It soothes the area and reduces the pain.
  2. Inflammation – It works well on swelling sprained muscles or bruises; its anti-inflammatory action helps lessen swelling from injury. Calendula oil also helps treat spider veins, varicose veins, leg ulcers, and chilblains.
  3. Baby care – The oil helps relief diaper rashes, which can extremely irritate an infant.
  4. Minor cuts and wounds – The antiseptic and antimicrobial action of the oil help speed up healing of wounds and minor cuts, and also benefit insect bites, acne, and bed sores.
  5. Skin issues – Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and other skin problems can be soothed using calendula oil, applied topically. Calendula oil's anti-fungal action is also great for treating athlete's foot, ringworm, and jock itch.
So anything with Calendula Extract, I am sold. Oh! Did you know that NEKKID has a baby massage oil that contains tons of Calendula Extract? (Shameless plug with matching photo above. LOL)

This super baby milk bath soap lathers quite well and it smells very raw and pleasant. It doesn't smell too nutty or rancid like some unscented artisanal organic soaps do, but I quite like the hint of raw honey smell to it.
Ok, so now that I've sold you on Calundulas, don't forget to look for this extract when using products for your baby because it really protects your baby's skin. At least it does on Henri. Here he is on his bath seat enjoying bath time! As you can see you can use it also as a shampoo to wash their delicate "hair" and again, the Calendula extract cures cradle cap if your baby has it.
Ok, I won't even pretend that I was the one who gave Henri a bath this morning. I had to ask his yaya to do it because I wanted to take pictures of him while using his new soap! One of the best things about this soap would be it doesn't smell too "commercial" if you know what I mean. The natural fragrance of the soap disappears after bath time so what is left is the real baby smell that comes from him, not the soap! The smell of this soap is actually quite addicting.

Length of usage before review:
3 uses

  • No fragrance.
  • Gentle on baby's skin. No reaction whatsoever.
  • Can be used as shampoo.
  • SLES free.
  • No animal fats which makes it vegan.
  • Made from saponified Olive Oil.
  • Lathers real good.
  • Henri's skin feels so supple after using!
  • No bad after-smell.
  • Fast and smooth transaction with the seller.
  • Very accommodating seller.
  • Doesn't melt super fast even when it's left alone on the soap dish.
  • Is not too hard or too mushy when wet.
  • Actually quite economical -it takes a little effort to get a good lather.

  • Wishing for better packaging. Something that is not wrapped in cling wrap.
  • No weight indicated.

  • Quite pricey.
  • No expiry or best before date indicated. Or at least include manufacturing date.


Retail Price: PhP 120
Purchased For: Bought from Island Girl Soapery
Will I re-purchase? Maybe.
Will I recommend it? Yes.

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  1. Now I know what Calendula's used for! Thanks! Oh and waiting for the Christmas sale for Nekkid esp. the gift sets! Weeeeeee!!!!! :)


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