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Friday, October 30, 2015

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I have been hooked with Girl Stuff nail polish ever since I was introduced to them by my friend and beauty blogger Nikki Tiu a few months ago. Since then, Girl Stuff has been my go-to nail polish store for all my nail polish needs. Ordering them online is not bad because they ship quite fast too! Plus, they're starting to pop up everywhere so it's pretty convenient to get them! If you read that post I posted a few months back when I first tried them, then you would know how much I love them. You can read that post here.

I guess now it's safe to say that because I have been so happy with Girl Stuff nail polishes, I have become pretty biased over them. I prefer them now more than I do other imported brands. That's because I am very confident about their formula, and they have NEVER failed me yet. Ever. So everyone who would ask for a recommendation what a good nail polish brand is that is affordable, Girl Stuff was always my recommendation.

Solique Gel Nail Polish

When I heard that Girl Stuff was coming out with a line of Gel Nail Polishes, I was ecstatic! I mean, their regular polishes last me about 2 weeks already without touchups, so what more with the gel formula right? Seriously, their regular nail polish on me lasts 2 weeks, even with heavy dish washing action everyday.
Introducing, SOLIQUE: a revolutionary formula combining the benefits of polish and gel! SOLIQUE is a 2-system step to apply. You first apply your gel color of choice and then you apply a single layer or gel top coat. When these two are used and activated by sun, the combination forms a tough film over the nail.

As I have mentioned in my previous Girl Stuff post, one of the best things about Girl Stuff is that they contain only safe ingredients, are mild, non-irritant and non-toxic. It's 5-Free! This 2-step system doesn't even need a base coat because the color adheres to the nail real well.
Midnight Dreams, PhP 180
What is great about SOLIQUE is that it only takes a short while for them to dry. That's why I regularly change my polish color when I am using Girl Stuff because they dry so fast and they dry even too! The SOLIQUE polishes dry naturally under light, and over time specially under sunlight (which we have a lot of), the gel polish strengthens and becomes more durable.
Just a Fantasy, PhP 180
If I were to compare SOLIQUE with any other regular gel nail polish in salons, is that firstly, SOLIQUE does not contain any harmful chemicals. The SOLIQUE cures with natural light or sunlight! No need for artificial UV light which can darken your skin too! I love that SOLIQUE Gel Polishes can be removed easily with regular nail polish remover, and won't need to be soaked in chemicals for it to melt away.

I had gel polishes done before when I was leaving for New York about 2 years ago. I remember thinking that I had to have gel polish done because I was going to attend a wedding and I needed my polishes to last me my whole trip! Soon after arriving in New York, my gel polish started to chip. After 3 days, everything started to peel off. So at the wedding, I was polish-less with damaged nails from the chipping.
Baby Blues, PhP 180
Brilliantly, SOLIQUE's glossiness over time of wearing them on your fingers, can be reactivated in the sun. On average, a good gel nail polish in salons would cost you PhP 650 for a manicure, PhP 850 for a pedicure, or PhP 1,300 for a combo. And that does not even include your cleaning service. SOLIQUE Gel Nail Polish costs only PhP 180 per bottle, while their special gel top coat goes for only PhP 200!
Love Me Like You Do, PhP 180
Compared to regular nail polish, SOLIQUE and Girl Stuff regular nail polish dries quickly and are extremely affordable. SOLIQUE promised (and I believe them!) extended wear, and high gloss shine the entire time they're on your finger. No need for top coat touch ups!
Manila Girl, PhP 180
The SOLIQUE Gel Polish line currently has 6 colors (Midnight Dreams, Just a Fantasy, Baby Blues, Hush, Love Me Like You Do, and Manila Girl) and a clear top coat. I am wishing for more colors though because they're really great! The formula is not at all thick, unlike the gel polishes you see in salon that looks really hard to apply. It's not extremely watered down as well that you need several coats to cover your nails. A single coat is actually enough if you are rushing, but 2 is always better.
Hush, PhP 180
Clear Gel Top Coat, PhP 200

Applying SOLIQUE is idiot proof too! Here's how:

  1. Make sure your nails are clean and free from oil and lotion. I recommend washing your hands first with soap and water and dry really well!
  2. Skip the base coat, you don't need it!
  3. Apply the SOLIQUE colored gel polish of your choice.
  4. Apply a second coat of the same shadw until you get the intensity that you want. 2 coats should be fine!
  5. Apply a single coat of SOLIQUE Top Coat.
  6. Cure your freshly painted nails under sunlight for about 2 minutes or just allow them to dry in natural room light -as long as there's light!
To remove SOLIQUE gel nail polish, just use regular nail polish remover! I recommend GirlStuff nail polish remover, it easily slides off that you don't need a whole lot!

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Girl Stuff is Made in France.

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