Pink Sugar Launches in Manila!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Good news everyone! There's a new homegrown brand in town and it's at par with international brands! Affordable makeup that delivers quality and high performance. Great quality cosmetics are hard to find and I am really so thrilled to share with you that we don't need to look hard anymore.

Pink Sugar is a local brand that Filipina girls will be proud to wear and to have in their vanity tables! Imagine a local brand that is housed in quality packaging and has a range of cosmetics that are of quality formulations that is made for us Filipinas! I have to emphasize on the wonderful packaging so that's an extra 5-points right there.

Pink Sugar Cosmetics is brought to us by Indian-Filipino brothers Laveen and Rohit Mirpuri. They are quite successful in bringing us body mists and now they bring us quality cosmetics.

There was a guessing contest how much concealers are in the jar. There are 120 concealers! I guessed 130 so I didn't win!
When Laveen was helping me decide my powder shade, we got to chat for a while about why get into the cosmetics biz when actually there are so much brands already. He told me that while there are a lot of makeup brands already out there, there were none that give high quality makeup like this but still be affordable for the yuppies or young professionals, or even girls in college.

I agree. I guess it's safe to say that Pink Sugar is our very own version of Maybelline -and on some products at par with big names like Nars, MAC, and even Lancome.
The Pink Sugar concealers are definitely one of my favorites from the brand. It has a creamy consistency but it doesn't cake when you apply it. It's very easy to apply on your undereye area because you can start with as little as possible so you won't end up with a whole lot. I am not a concealer kind of girl, but I love that they have yellow shades.
Here are the swatches of the Our Lil' Secret concealers from lightest to the darkest.
Their eyeshadow palettes remind me of Lancome's too specially the blue hues. The nude palette reminds me of the ones of MAC because it's very basic. Who doesn't love nude palettes right? Consistency wise? It's highly pigmented and it glides on easily on the skin -plus, it lasts a long time too! It doesn't just disappear when you blink.
Now, my favorite product from the brand are their lipsticks! I am a bright lipstick kind of gal so I was just amazed at how much brightly colored lippies are there in the line.
They have their berries
They have their pinks
...and they have their reds
Now the Sugar Tints are my most favorite. I love matte liquid lipsticks because I won't have to keep retouching. I won't also have to worry about the lipstick getting on my teeth which are a huge turn off!
My favorite shade? Purple Passion! Just when I thought that purple lippies were out, they're back in style with this kind of shade! I can't wait to review these!
Me being with Lancome for 4 years as a makeup artist, I would have to say that their powders compare to Lancome's Maqui Blanc Miracle powder: no traces of chalk or talc, it glides on smoothly on the face and it blends really well on my weird pink-yellow tone. It has a nice soft velvet-y finish that gives your skin a beautiful finish and not completely matte.
Did I mention that Pink SUgar is cruelty-free and paraben-free? It only contains ingredients that not only beautify, but they care for the skin and the environment in the process of making them! I love how the packaging looks prestige and of high quality. The brand really looks imported.
I applied a little bit of concealer under my eyes on top of my makeup and it didn't cake at all or did it look so thick! It looks very natural. I am wearing the Sugar Tint in Purple Passion in the photo below and you can see how gorgeous it looks, not at all drying! My lips still looks hydrated even though it's matte. Although I think it looks more velvet than matte.
Host Janeena Chan
Janeena Chan with the founder of Belle De Jour, Darlyn Ty
Don't you think Rohit Mirpuri looks a bit like Jake Gyllenhaal?
Janeena with Pink Sugar founders Laveen and Rohit Mirpuri
I won the Instagram contest and that's why you can see me smiling from ear to ear!
I want to congratulate both Pink Sugar and Digify for a wonderful event! I really had a great time and it was such a fun way to get to know the brand and their products.
I will be reviewing the products soon!

Pink Sugar Cosmetics is available at SM Aura, SM Makati, SM Marilao, SM Manila, SM Fairview, SM MOA, SM Clark, SM Lanang Premier Davao, and AM Watsons at Ayala Center Cebu.

Pink Sugar Cosmetics will be available at starting October 18, 2015.

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  1. Interested ako sa concealer and sa highlighters/bronzers!!! :)

  2. Few days ago I went to their counter in SM Makati I really love their products! I immediately grabbed the concealer. The coverage is unreal! It's very thick but it does cake at all! A little goes a long way and it last super long. My foundation faded but the concealer didn't budge at all.

    Lady Arizel

  3. I'm so excited to try out their products! You look so stunning!



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