Tangle Angel Baby for me and Henri

Tuesday, October 06, 2015


Ok, seriously, I thought this brush was just for babies that's why I have been using it on Henri. But having read all about it, it's actually a "baby" version of their real Tangle Angel brush. So I guess it being soft enough for Henri, and yet sturdy enough for my ridiculously dry and tangled hair, then it's a nice enough brush for me to blog about and share with you!

New to the Tangle Angel family comes the Tangle Angel Baby, a miniature key ring, handbag friendly version of its sister brush (seriously, I checked their website and I want one!)

Tangle Angel Baby, PhP 248 each

More about Tangle Angel Baby after the break.

If you're wondering what's special about Tangle Angel, is that it's really one of the best de-tangling brushes I have tried yet. Plus, it's perfect for using with the blowdryer because it's extremely heat resistant.

Here are more reasons to love the Tangle Angel Baby:

How seriously cute are these? I actually don't use it on myself, I use it on Henri. He doesn't have a whole lot of hair yet but it's really gentle enough for him.

What I am loving about this brush is that even though it's tiny, it does the job real well on my unruly hair. Not only is it convenient to bring in my purse, but it's gentle on the scalp and it doesn't tug on my hair which minimizes hair fall, which I am having so much trouble with right now, still in the middle of my postpartum dilemma.
And the best part, he uses it as a chew toy as well. LOL Henri and I use the same brush when we're outside! Actually, me more than him since he;s got like 7 hairs. But we both love it! So when I get my hands on the full-sized one, this one belongs to Henri. But for now, we're sharing!
Oh! What makes it even more perfect for kids is that the Angel Tangle brushes have a 99.9% Anti-bacterial protected bristles. It's heat resistant and anti static too. It's great for little girls to bring with them in their school bags, and perfect for mommy!

I actually attached it to Henri's baby bag and I love having it there. I use it more than he does actually, but it just makes a cute accessory. It's great to give as gifts for young girls or boys!

Tangle Angel is available in Browhaus and Strip salons.

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