Unboxing the August BDJ Box Elite: Revlon

Friday, October 02, 2015


I know you guys may have already read so much unboxing for BDJ's August box, but I am posting this anyway! BDJ being my favorite subscription box, it wouldn't be right not to post something so nice! Hehehe...

Last month's subscription was exclusive to Revlon and I just fell in love with what's inside. Revlon being one of the first makeup brands I have ever used, saving up my allowance to be able to buy their Toast of New York blush and matching lippie.

More on the unboxing after the jump!

I love the BDJ Box Elite Box. The black and gold contrast certainly made it look chic and glamorous.
It's different for some of the boxes. Not all are packed with the same shades and I'm lucky to have been able to receive this one. I am a bold lippie kinda a gal so it was refreshing for me to have received a more "mommy" color on days I want to tone down my lipstick. Yes, I sometimes wear nude colors.
There was no card where it indicates the prices of each product so I can't really tell you guys how much they cost. But I bet this box is definitely worth your money.
I love DIY home hair dyes but I will have to skip putting on anything on my scalp and hair for now, having to suffer from postpartum hair fall. I am really scared of going bald. But on the up side, I am growing so much baby hair now I look like I have a mohawk.
Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color in Medium Auburn
I am loving this very mod nail polish. And the fact that it's full sized is just one of the reason why this box is just pure happiness. This shade is Grey Suede. It's anything but grey but I am loving the name.
Revlon Nail Enamel in 705 Grey Suede
The Revlon cheek colors have been around since the 80s and when I was 14 when I started buying makeup, Revlon was the only brand that was sort-of affordable then. I would save up for my blush with matching lippie and it was Revlon or nothing. This is the first time I am hearing about this shade so I am quite happy with this and not the usual Toast of New York shade that I would buy.
I am not a lip gloss kinda gal as most of you already know, but there are times when I do wear them when I feel extra girly. It's a beautiful nude shade with hints of pearlized gold bits. I can't wait to review this one.
Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in 570 HD Smoky Topaz
At first glance I thought this was their nail art, but it's actually for the eyes. I have yet to use this one and experiment how one really uses this one.
Revlon Photoready Eye Art Liquid+Line+Lash in Black Brilliance
Dual brow products are so "in" right now and having a pencil and gel in one is so convenient. I most specially love bringing this in my cosmetic case for just in case moments.
Revlon Brow Fantasy by ColorStay in Dark Brown
I am loving the name of this lipstick shade! I just think it suits it real well! I love girls shades when I am feeling extra girls on some days. Normally I would jump back and forth from nude pinks to hot pinks, to reds with weeks in between but it's always nice to have it in the bag to tone down a lipstick when it just feels a bit too much for your mood.
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 820 Pink Cognito
Who can ever forget the Revlon Eyelash Curler? This one is a classic most definitely! Way before Shu Uemura, it was the Revlon Eyelash Curler that every makeup addict invested in! I still have my old one from when I was in High School would you believe? It's faded and it looks a little bit dirty already but it still works nonetheless!
Revlon Eyelash Curler

Everything in the box comes out to PhP 3,570 which is double the price you paid for which is PhP 1,480 for an Elite Box subscription fee! I really think makeup lovers loved this month's subscription because everything in the box is really useful and versatile. Whether you are morena or tisay, you can make use of the products. 

Every month, as usual, I look forward to BDJ because they come up with the best stuff! Can't wait for September, October, November, and December.

Have you gotten your BDJ July Box yet? What do you think of it, and which one is your favorite product from the box?

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