Commenter of the Month Giveaway for November 2015: NEKKID All-Natural/Organic Skin Care Set

Monday, November 02, 2015


Holy cow! It's been a while since I last had a COM giveaway! Well, between getting knocked up and having a baby, it was a pretty much of a blur! But anyway, this month's COM will receive this All-Natural/Organic Skin Care Set from NEKKID!

NEKKID is an all-natural/organic skin care brand that has made it their mission to make everyone look and feel good naked. Having the perfect body is not enough, so they aim to give you perfect, glowing skin with their products made from natural ingredients -back to when ingredients lists were readable and understandable. NEKKID's products are paraben and additive-free, using only safe and natural preservatives that will give their products a longer shelf-life. They have stripped basic beauty products "NEKKID®" off of harmful chemicals, dyes, and away from the "dirty dozen" and have returned to simpler ingredients -ingredients you can understand. What gives their products their fragrance come from essential oils, or natural fragrance oils from fruits or flowers that have been shipped from abroad, and most of which are organic.

NEKKID All-Natural/Organic Skin Care Set, PhP 1,900

This month's winner will receive some of the bestsellers from the brand that amounts to PhP 1,900! And you get a chance to get it for free! In the set, you will receive:

Unscented Cleansing Cream

If you have very sensitive skin or suffer from a condition like rosacea, then it’s essential to keep skin calm during the cleansing process. The best solution? Cleansing Milks and Creams! Nekkid Unscented Cleansing Cream will gently cleanse and leave even the most irritated of skin feeling comfortable.

Cleansing creams and milks are also ideal for something else –double cleansing, another technique used by many. So, if you’re finding that face washes are too harsh and leave you feeling sore and uncomfortable, then perhaps that’s not the cleansing method for you, and move on to using something kinder would be beneficial for your skin.
Unscented Cleansing Cream 200g, PhP 350
Banana Moisturizer

The rich antioxidants and high level of minerals and vitamins in a banana extract makes it easy for a person to get back that lost glow and attraction on the face specially when we spend too much (or even little) time under the sun. The versatility of the banana has made it an all time favorite among people. This moisturizer is absorbed fast by the skin and it dries completely matte giving you a nice base for your makeup!
Banana Moisturizer 50g, PhP 380
Dry Oil Body Mist in Grapefruit and Bergamot (For Body and Hair)

The Nekkid Dry Oil Body Mist leaves your skin refreshed and fragrant. Lightly mist over body after bath or shower. Refresh whenever a burst of fragrance is needed. It will keep your skin moisturized all day without the greasy feeling! These dry oil mists replaces body lotions and body butters during the summer when it gets too humid but skin still needs moisturizing. You can also apply it on your hair for instant shine and to keep the ends of your hair hydrated and trap in the moisture!
Dry Oil Body Mist in Grapefruit and Bergamot 100ml, PhP 200
Natural Soaps

NEKKID SOAPS are produced in small batches to preserve quality. Their stuff contains only vegetable-based oils and they don't add parabens, sulfates, ANIMAL FAT (tallow) and commercial dyes or fragrances to make their soaps more desirable. They have turned to nature to assist them in producing the best handcrafted soaps available today. NEKKID soaps are mildly scented because in place of fragrance oils, they use 100% essential oils that complement each of their soap. They do not use dyes to color their soaps, natural fruits and other ingredients provide the appealing colors of our soaps.
NEKKID Natural Soaps 40z., PhP 60/each
Huile de Soin Anti-Age Care Oil

Face and body oils are a cen­turies old beauty tra­di­tion. They are lux­u­ri­ous, anti-bac­te­r­ial, pro­tec­tive, and highly mois­tur­iz­ing. In the recent past, oil got a bad rap and oil-free prod­ucts reigned supreme.

How­ever, the oils that were caus­ing all the trou­ble were (and still are) syn­thetic or unwhole­some processed oils that can clog pores and unbal­ance the skin’s oil pro­duc­tion. Now that peo­ple are start­ing to come around on the sub­ject and learn the dif­fer­ence between good oils and bad oils, oil-based cleansers, mois­tur­iz­ers, and serums are mak­ing a huge comeback.
Huile de Soin Anti-Age Care Oil 15ml, PhP 450
Thirsty Face: Tomato and Aloe Face Serum

An organic Serum that can shrink pores, tightens skin, reduce oiliness, and makes skin glow. This skin-brightening essence containing arbutin and tomato extract rich in lycopene, vitamins, and minerals makes dull skin clear and blemish-free and improves skin tone, without stickiness.

A serum contains smaller molecules which can penetrate the skin faster and more effectively. Perfect to be used before moisturizer, because the moisturizer will seal everything into your skin.
Thirsty Face: Tomato and Aloe Face Serum 50ml, PhP 400


The NOVEMBER Reader/Commenter of the Month 2015 will win this NEKKID All-Natural/Organic Skin Care Set: Unscented Cleansing Cream, Thirsty Face: Tomato and Aloe Face Serum, Banana Moisturizer, Huile de Soin Anti-Age Care Oil, Dry Oil Body Mist, and 2 Natural Soaps!

1 (one) winner will receive these product that is worth PhP 1,900 and you can get it for free! So, mechanics are quite simple! Next Month, December 2015 (first week), I'll pick one lucky reader/commenter from my blog. He/She must be able to leave wonderful and insightful comments, share my blog posts in their social medias, and leave valuable tips for others in light of the corresponding blog post.

It can be as simple as a "Nice Post!" comment, or maybe ask some good beauty advices (I love "ask me" questions). One of the biggest criteria for "judging" is how often you post comments or share links to your social medias providing a TAG or a link to my FB Like Page, Twitter, Instagram, etc. not only when there is a contest or giveaway! Consistency is a plus. You can post comments on any blog posts either in the past, present, or future posts at!

*Residents of the Philippines only. Provincial residents can join!
Remember, I looooove quality versus quantity! Here are some more tips to increase your chances of winning!
  • Like the NEKKID Philippines Facebook Page! This is worth a lot of beauty/pogi points!
  • Have you added @nekkidmanila in Instagram and @nekkidbeautyph and @makeupmavensabs on Twitter? Follow these accounts to get more points!
  • Like my FB Page! Leave me comments about my BEAUTY BLOG POSTS and share them in your page.
  • Do you have me in your Google Circle? Add me up!
  • Participants should always be visible, and not just a fair-weathered commenter. She/He should be an avid reader of The Makeup-Maven, and not just because there is a contest *wink* -It's just just fair to those who are TMM fans, don't you think? :) I have someone who tallies everyone's TMM contributions so best be always visible even without giveaways! Well, at least try :)
  • Make yourself visible by commenting and sharing my posts and don't forget to tag me!
  • I love seeing my GFC readers numbers go up, maybe add me or recommend me to a friend?
  • Have I ever saved you from a beauty faux pas? How about sharing them in the blog posts?
  • Are you a YouTube addict? Maybe watch and comment on a few of my videos. Probably subscribe too!
  • Contest will end on the first week of December 2015, and the winner will be announced then so you have a month to join! 
  • Don't worry about shipping because shipping is on us!

Tagging me and leaving useful comments increase your visibility so comment away! Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

This giveaway is sponsored by Nekkid.

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  1. I've read some of your blog posts before and didn't even realize you were the the one behind Nekkid Beauty. I bought some of the soaps and loved the seaweed soap. The scent was so refreshing. I'm actually thinking of trying the cleansing cream and banana moisturizer next.

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