Get your GLOW on with Jergens' NEW Hydrating Coconut Moisturizer!

Monday, November 16, 2015

It's that time of the year again when my skin is just a little bit more dry than usual. In spite of the heat and the humidity our country is supposedly to have gotten used to by now, but have not, my skin is usually always drier during the "ber" months. Someone who works in beauty, I have gotten to know that with dry skin, nothing moisturizer better than products with Coconut Oil.

Jergens introduces their newest addition to their ever-growing family of effective body moisturizers: Jergens Hydrating Coconut Moisturizer.

Jergens Hydrating Coconut Moisturizer

Coconut is one of nature’s precious fruits and Jergens utilizes two of its important derivatives: Coconut Water and Coconut Oil. Coconut Water is rich with minerals and is considered an even better alternative to plain water when it comes to hydrating the body while Coconut Oil is a natural oil that mimics the skin’s natural sebum, delivering greaseless, effective moisturizing effects; Together, these two ingredients eliminate dryness and dullness effectively by supplying long- lasting moisture to dehydrated, dull skin.
This new Jergens skin moisturizer contains their new Hydralucence blend, which is a new technology which creates two layers of moisture on the skin: First, it allows light to bounce off the skin and then it restores the luminosity of your skin.
I am very particular with lotions. I am "allergic" to lotions that give a sticky-after feel or your skin becomes so slick and all sticky when you sweat. I really do not like that.
It has a rather thin and runny consistency, that of a light facial moisturizer. I love that upon applying on the skin, I didn't even have to wait 10 minutes in front of a fan to aid in absorbing the moisturizer on my skin. The effects are immediate as well!

You can see how dry my skin is now by looking at the photo below. My hands are so dry! But after applying a single layer all over my body, my skin is instantly hydrated and my skin feels plump.
I also love how Jergens is so affordable that you do not need to scrimp on yourself when you apply lotion on your body. But then again, you do not need a whole lot of product to cover you from neck to toes!

Jergens is all leading supermarkets and department stores nationwide.

P42 for 50ml
P79 for 100ml
P137 for 200ml
P246 for 500ml
P359 for 650ml

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