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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I have been in love with T.LeClerc for a long long time. Banane powder was the powder of choice of my mom when I was young and that silver, classy compact packaging was just to die for. Fast forward to about 20 years later, I still feel that T.LeClerc may have the best-looking packaging in the market today, and their Banane powder is still the best when it comes to touch ups or setting your makeup base.

When Rustan's threw me a baby shower about a months before I gave birth, I was elated that T.LeClerc gifted me with a set of makeup (with a blush brush too)!

After giving birth, I am just a teeny bit more sensitive with products and that's why I have been extra careful with makeup products now because I have developed somewhat sensitivity to makeup.

T.LeClerc Paris is available in Rustan's Department Stores
I am totally loving this T.LeClerc Theophile Blush in Corail. I am guessing that in English, it's actually Coral. I find myself using a lot of coral blushes lately every since I have been doing a lot of walking outside now and having a little bit of color. I love how it brings the warmness of my skin with this blush.
It kind of reminds me a lot of NARS Orgasm Blush, or Elizabeth Arden's Radiance Blush in Sunburst, or Clinique's Cheek Pop in Ginger Pop, but this one has gold shimmer on it.
It comes in a classy, silver packaging that is actually the same size as their pressed powder. So you can bet your butt that this blush will last you a while. So best to choose the best shade that suits you because it will be a while until you get to buy a new shade.
It's very sheer. You can hardly see it on camera and I had to layer it on several times just so you can see a subtle hint of color, which I think would look a lot different on the face though. It has some gold shimmers on the blush so I guess if you don't like the sparkly bits then you might not like to use this blush.
On the cheeks though, when applied with the proper tools, it really gives a lovely color on your skin. I just adore it. I didn't even mind the shimmer! It gave my skin warmth, but not overly orange like some bronzers do. It gave my cheekbones dimension, and yet, it provided the apples of my cheeks a pop of color.
As I have mentioned earlier, this has been my mom's blotting powder as far back as I can remember. I remember having the yellow colored powder intriguing me when I was a little girl.
T.LeClerc Banane Pressed Powder comes housed in a really beautiful and hefty silver metal compact packaging, though I doubt it’s really steel),  which comes with its very own velvet pouch and a really thin velour puff for application.

Looking at the packaging, it's quite simples and yet it's very elegant. It's compact enough to not take up too much space in your purse.
The formula is based on natural rice starch that catches the light which provides an even and natural complexion. Plus the fact that it's really so smooth like silk on the skin is a major plus on my beauty book. And since this powder is fragrance-free, it is well-tolerated even with the most sensitive skin, and also serves as protection against pollution and solar radiation. Its soft and fine texture structures the skin with lightness and day-long comfort -meaning, it's almost impossible to cake with this powder.
I love how it blends real well on the skin. It may look like it would look too stark white on your skin but it melts right on your skin leaving the skin with perfectly corrected skin that looks really even.
Since Asian skin is mostly on the yellow tone, this is the perfect powder to use to set your foundation because it really blends on the skin. And when I was still doing makeup for brides, and T.LeClerc was too expensive, I looked for an alternate yellow powder, and that was when I discovered Ben Nye's Banana Luxury Powder. It's more on the deeper yellow shade, but it works really well on both morenas and fair skinned women.

T.LeClerc's Banane Powder is more on the pastel yellow shade and it's almost translucent but does not give a white-ghostly cast on the skin, specially when harsh light hits your face.
This is the first time I will get to try any lipstick from the brand and I am pretty sure it's going to be good. I have this impression that T.LeClerc is a dermatological brand catering to most women who have sensitive skin.

My first impression on T.LeClerc's Rouge Transparent Transparent Lipstick is that I thought it would be one of those really sheer lipsticks that goes on like a balm and looks like a very light tinted one. I had my doubts because of the name of the lipstick. The shade is called Essentiel. A very light and dainty shade of pink that kind of reminds me of Estée Lauder Pure Color Crystal Baby Collection in Crystal Blush, but it's actually a bit far off.
It really does glide on like balm, and when the shade is long gone from your lips, you are left with soft and supple lips that lasts a while. If you want a bolder color, you will just have to layer on the lipstick because this is how light it's going to be and this is already three layers.

I love how this lipstick doesn't dry out the lips. I have already flaky lips and chapped ones too most of the time, so I love how this lipstick was able to disguise that pretty well.
The formula really provided a lot of moisture on my lips, and my once flaky lips before applying this lipstick, is now hydrated. This is three layers of lipstick.
The T.LeClerc Mascara Volume in Azur is a different story altogether. I am not a fan of colored mascaras so I had a hard time doing a review on this one because I am a it biased. I am not condemning colored mascaras altogether, I just prefer black ones though.

The T.LeClerc Volume Mascara intensifies your eyes. Its cutting-edge round brush coats and visibly thickens your lashes creating an even more impressive and spellbinding look.
I really enjoyed using this mascara. The impact is not as dramatic as Covergirl's Lashblast Volume Mascara, or as curling as Maybelline's HyperCurl Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara, but on really busy days that you need to be on the run and cannot leave without mascara, then this could be the product for that.
It has a comfortable want and the brush is tapered well so you can get in between and at the corners of your lashes. It does no clumping at all on your lashes so it provides comfortable wear. It's non-sticky too!

I am reviewing this product as if it were black mascara, but if I were to comment on this somewhat blue mascara, I would say that I would not recommend it. Firstly, this light blue shade makes my lashes look more white than blue. With lashes, we want it to look full, dark, and volumnized. If it were as pigmented as Inglot's Colour Play Mascara, then I might consider it.
If you need some really spiffy and long thick lashes then you would have to layer the product quite a bit. Overall, it's great for daytime lashes if that even exist. Not a fussy mascara to apply, and no frills. For nighttime though when I want more drama, better use one that provides more drama!

My love affair with T.LeClerc is not short-lived. I do still love the blush and the Banane powder, and I think that women who are more into light makeup would love T.LeClerc. But if you are a woman who loves highly pigmented makeup, ones that really cover, and show a lot of color, then this may not be the brand for you. I do however would definitely recommend this to women who have really sensitive skin.

T.LeClerc is available in Rustan's Department Stores.

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  1. great cosmetics and nice colors:)

  2. Love those compact packaging! Banane powder looks promising!
    I honestly like to visit your blog, I was able to learn new brands or a new line from a brand that I have never heard before :D


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