My thoughts on Apruva's Baby Carrier and why I chose it over popular branded ones

Sunday, November 01, 2015


When I was still pregnant with Henri, I really added a baby carrier on my list. I thought they were extremely convenient, plus at first, I didn't plan on hiring a yaya so I thought that a carrier was a must. But somewhere between giving birth and breastfeeding, I forgot about buying one, until months later when we were finally able to bring Henri around, I thought, what better time to buy a carrier.

Truth be told, I postponed buying one because I thought that they were just ridiculously and stupidly expensive for something that you won't even use all the time -an unnecessary purchase actually that you only get to use on weekends (or sometimes not even then), so I kept putting it off until I decided "ok I'll just look", because it's actually nice to have one around just in case.

But buying one that costs more than a kidney was out of the question, incase we couldn't make the most out of it. So anyway, I finally bought our first carrier on a whim when we were buying Henri's Play Yard at the Landmark, and it's a freakin' steal!

APRUVA Baby Carrier in Red, PhP 1,099.75

While I was waiting for Raul to pick me up with the car, I wandered over to the carrier section and looked around for a good carrier that wasn't going to burn a whole in my wallet. The only brands I knew were Chicco and , which were a little over our budget. Did you know that baby carriers now (popular branded ones) range from PhP 3,500 to PhP 15,000? If I did want to piss my money away I would have gone with the PhP 4,000++ but I knew I wouldn't be using it a lot anyway knowing that we had a stroller, plus a yaya to help me with Henri when we were out of the house.

That's when I saw APRUVA Baby Carrier. A brand that was foreign to me, but had good quality packaging -yes. I judge by the packaging sometimes.
I was told that the materials were from Europe but it was assembled and sewn in China. Materials are hypoallergenic, and upon inspecting the item closely, it was really made with precision and it looked very sturdy to me.

You can see from the print quality of the box too that it's not flimsy and it does not look cheap. Before seeing the price tag, to be honest, I thought this brand was one of the more expensive ones.
I didn't think the design was bad either. It was functional, it had quality and soft material, and the colors available, I thought, were really fun and something you can use for either a boy or a girl.
I had a hard time choosing between the 3 colors. Although I ruled out blue right away because it was too much for boy and I wanted something that can be used for our next baby. I finally decided on the red because it matched our stroller.
I think the instructions are pretty idiot proof too. There wasn't any details instructions in the box with a step by step process on how to fasten everything together so I had to pretty much wing it by myself which happily, I was able to do.

The caution printed on the box are pretty standard and are simple and straight forward too. So if something does happen to you baby while using this carrier then you didn't read the instructions well.
In case you are a germaphobe and would like to wash it first before using, then the washing instructions are printed on the box as well which are pretty much easy to follow too. Just hang it to dry or lay on a rack and leave it under the sun to dry.
On a side note, I have decided to go with APRUVA because I thought that it was really affordable and the quality and the colors are not bad. When I was doing some research on imported, popular branded carries, they used more or less the same meterials (probably they use pure cotton for the lining), but for someone like me who does not mind about having lining on the carrier then this is the carrier for you.
I was pretty happy with my purchase because the materials used were at par with the imported branded ones which I have seen and touched before while I was choosing carriers in another store. The foam was not cheap too!
If you were to use this carrier on younger children, there is a back and head support that you can easily detach when the child gets older. I should have gotten this earlier when I still did not have a yaya and I had to do the groceries on my own. I think it's quite convenient.
Looking at the straps that are made from quality nylon that is attached to the material with heavy duty stitching.
APRUVA is easily available in departments stores too like Baby Company, Lazada, Landmark and SM department stores.
You can tell by looking and feeling the materials that they are of quality. They're not flimsy or does it break easily so I would say, it sold me.
 You can tell by the stitching too that it's of quality.
Here's Henri and I giving the APRUVA Baby Carrier a test drive in Powerplant. I love that it feels secure on baby Henri, and it's not flimsy! Henri was not dancing about even though he was constantly kicking and moving, he stayed firmly in place even though I wasn't supporting him.
From behind, the straps are easily attached too. I can put Henri on it and take him out easily without help. But if your child is bigger and heavier, then have someone help you secure him on the carrier. The opening on the side is a little but narrow so you might want to ask for help to put your baby in the carrier.
In conclusion, I do love this carrier because it really does the job and with a whopping affordable price of only PhP 1,099.75 -it's really a steal. Upon doing my research online, I saw that some people bought their APRUVA Baby Carrier for PhP 1,399.75 - so I am not sure if I got mine on sale or if they've reduced their price.

It's not uncomfortable to wear because the material used it sturdy but at the same time soft so your skin won't get scratched when you rub against the material. The locks and the fasteners are all made with heavy duty plastic, as well at the nylon straps. I think it's not bad for the price and you can use it over and over again.

Every since I had Henri and already thinking about his education, I had to go for cheaper alternatives but where the quality does not suffer. Aside from the package not containing instruction and other information about the brand or the product, I would rate this carrier a 4 star.


So, what is your baby carrier of choice?

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  1. Hi Sabs, I suggest you Google for baby wearing positions. It'll help you carry your baby in an ergonomic manner.


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