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Friday, November 06, 2015


I love having my nails done! I think that aside from getting a massage, they're the most relaxing thing ever if a girl is stressed. I remember skipping lunch break when I was still working in an office to have my nails done instead.

3 weeks ago, I spent a good chunk of my Saturday having my nails done with my sister and her daughter. My niece loves having her nails done at Dashing Diva too so I tagged along with the mother daughter tandem.

Dashing Diva at Beauty Bar, Glorietta Mall Makati

Although this is not my first Dashing Diva experience, this is just the first time I was able to take photos for my blog.

The Dashing Diva in Glorietta is the biggest Dashing Diva in Makati. All branches are well lit, and has a very comfortable environment. I don't know what it is about having pink and white as a nail spa theme like the one from Belle & Cat, and the one of Posh Nails, but I guess it works though because it feels extra girly. #noboysallowed LOL
Here's a picture of my niece, ready for her mani pedi! Yes, kids are welcome here and they have their own pampering package! You can just add to your package for them to have nail art -which she absolutely loves. She always gets the Little Diva Manicure and Pedicure -it includes a foot spa too.
Dashing Diva only uses imported nail polishes and gel polishes. Their gel polishes are the ones you use with UV light though, and those did not work out too well for me in the past so I try to avoid them. But now that I am addicted to Girl Stuff's SOLIQUE Gel Polishes, I always bring them with me and have them apply it for me instead.
My sister and I (and my niece) got first dibs on the sofa because we were there as soon as the mall opened. We want to start our day wit diva-ness so we'll feel extra pampered all day even though we will be running errands right after.
Our special diva service for the day was the Spoiled Diva Manicure/Pedicure Combo that is PhP 950 which is worth your money. It starts with a very warm foot soak. You get to enjoy free coffee or iced tea too while you have your nails done!
I love how the toold are cleaned and thoroughly sterilized after each use. They are then sealed in a sterilized bag. Yes, for all you germaphobes out there, you're pretty safe here at Dashing Diva.
My photos basically tells all so enjoy these photos from my Dashing Diva experience!
I love how DD does not scrimp on pampering materials. They make sure that you get the full experience, specially when it comes to cleaning out nasty in-growns and icky hangnails and cuticles. They're very gentle on your feet so don't worry about wounds.
Their creams are also from the DD abroad. You can buy the stuff they use at the spa too. I most specially love their cuticle oil. I bought one before I got married and I still use it today -that was 4 years ago!
You get a good scrubbing on your feet, but they do not over do it. My heels did not thicken after a few days which I experience all the time after getting a scrub with what looks like a cheese grater. I love how my heels felt smooth and soft, without the thickened skin after a few days.
This has got to be one of my faves. A sort-of massager and exfoliator that resembles a BB cream applicator that you see in some Korean brands. They apply a food scrub that feels a bit minty on yoru legs and they massage your legs for a good 5 minutes. I wish they would do it longer though, on some days and some other branch they do it less than 5 minutes in total for both legs so that one is not always a good experience.
They finish off with a massage applying a lotion and you can opt to have polish on your feet if you want. I did not get one though because I was wearing closed shoes and we did not have time to sit around and wait for the polish to dry.

Here's a list of their branches and their store hours. They're pretty conveniently located, usually in malls so you can be sure that you have parking.
I want to try their other services too when I have more time though, the Paraffin therapy looks interesting and so does their waxing! You can be sure that I will be posting those as soon as I get to try them!

Is there a particular nail salon you would like to me to try and feature here in my blog? Do let me know by leaving a comment below!

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