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Thursday, November 12, 2015

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Ugh. It's that time of the year where women all over get extra busy preparing for the holidays! Yes, I said US women because it seems it's the ladies who do all the organizing of get-togethers, and doing all the Christmas shopping for the men. So with the crazy busy schedule we have, our underarms should be the last thing we all should worry about.

With the pushing and shoving at the department stores now for gift shopping, we should be able to reach up high without having to worry about dark underarms. And that's why DOVE will help us achieve beautiful underarms. Everyone knows that I am really fond of DOVE deodorant because it effectively whitens underarms. You can find my review here.

During pregnancy, I continued to use DOVE because it's safe for pregnant women. Even though I am just at home, I continue to apply it because it has become my skin care for my underarms. I no longer have chicken skin under my arms, and it has truly prevented my underarms from getting so dark during pregnancy.
A lot of people told me that the underarms would be one of the problem areas that pregnant women go through during pregnancy because it becomes so dark, but mine did not because I was applying DOVE deodorant everyday. I was honored also to have represented the product as DOVE Deodorant's Brand Ambassador last year while I was pregnant.

That's when they announced too about the promo where you get the chance to win a trip to El Nido, Palawan! So this year, DOVE is doing it again!
 I love how the event was decorated . It felt like we were in a resort!
How cute is this personalized leather bag tag? My initials were engraved on it too! CD for Carla Dy-Liacco. I went with my real name with my married name instead of Sabs Hernandez this time.
Yummy seaside themed food! I don't know how else to call it! Hahaha! But it was yummy!
Host, Patty Laurel
Here comes DOVE's Jam Muñasque taking the stage with Patty to announce the new travel promo from DOVE!
So my point earlier about it being the Christmas season and also having the Holiday rush upon us, it would be nice to take a nice vacation in the summer! And that's when they announced that DOVE is giving all of us a chance to win a trip for two to an international beach destination!

Destination is yet to be announced but it will be absolutely WORLD CLASS for sure.
A chance to win this relaxing getaway is easy with the Dove Deo box, available in major supermarkets and retail stores nationwide for the price of your regular Dove roll-on (P89 for Dove Original, and P95 for Dove Ultimate White and Dove Powder Soft). This Dove Deo box contains your favorite Dove roll-on in Original, Ultimate White, or Powder Soft, along with a FREE tote bag!
Apart from the free tote bag, get a chance to win a beach getaway for two to an international destination by using the promo code found at the bottom of your Dove Deo Box. Just text DOVE DEO PROMO CODE to 2600. The winner will be contacted directly by the Dove team, so watch out for it!
We were told that the promo boxes were sold out half the time where it was due to sell out, so if I were you, I would hurry and buy my winning ticket to the beach!

Visit DOVE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the DOVE promo.

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