Love, DOVE.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

It's so comforting to know that a brand that cares so much about your skin and your needs has your back for such special occasions like Valentine's Day.

Dove has always been my go-to brand when I am shopping for a new deodorant, for my hair and for my skin (even my baby's skin!).

I remember mentioning in social media that I was running low on my DOVE deodorant (which is really the brand that I find myself keep coming back to), and a few days later after going deodorant-free for about 4 days (as a result of my business with moving), I was sent a gift basket by DOVE with personal care products in time for Valentine's Day.

Having to endorse DOVE Deos as a brand ambassador a few months back while  was still pregnant with Henri, it was very easy for me to talk about DOVE deodorants because I was already an avid user of the products.

I did not need to do research on how to talk about the product because I was already a convinced user that it was the skin care for my armpits, and it does not darken the skin there. It actually lightened it without the use of harmful artificial bleaches.
I would have to say that the deodorant stick is my favorite deodorant because it acts like a moisturizer on the skin without drying time like the roll on, or like you waste too much product with the spray.

You can see how DOVE improved my chicken skin under my arms with my previous blog post here on DOVE's Whitening Original.
I had the pleasure of trying out their Straight & Silky shampoo and conditioner during our recent trip to the province in Dipolog and I really loved it. Having suffered big, wavy, and ruthless hair for all my life, it was such a relief that Dove's Straight & Silky line can tame my hair, so I can have the confidence in leaving my hair down all year round.

My hair really does feel so smooth and silky, still maintaining a bit of my natural waves but not as ruthless.
With DOVE being the only soap that my paediatrician recommends for Henri, I am not surprised that my skin loves Dove's Pink Beauty Bar as well. Being a fan of mostly shower gels, I do love the occasional baths using a bar of soap.

Dove soaps do not strip your skin off its natural moisture, and it's very mild on the skin with each use. I love the smell too! It's so girly, and not the usual strong, sickly sweet smell of fruits on your skin. It's very mild like soft cotton on your skin.
I love how DOVE really does care about the skin more than anything else. Everything their brand offers is really something your skin will very much benefit from without drying out your skin. Their products to work with much love making DOVE the go-to brand for all your personal care needs.

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  1. I love DOVE;) xoxo

  2. Oh Dove! The only deo which is hayang to me and to my mom. I can clearly see that her underarms whiten because of Dove, when we switch to other brands, it makes our underarms darker. Super smooth pa sa skin. I also love deo stick ate Sab, but the problem is, may line kasi ang underarm ko because I'm payat so nags-stuck sa underarm lines ko yung product after few hours, so sa roll-on nalang talaga ako.

    1. I know right? I agree with everything you said about their deos! Try also the sprays, they are perfect for that! It won't leave lines ♥


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