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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ugh. I hate moving. I have been so busy these past few weeks because we are currently moving back to my parents' house while we are having our own house built. Packing everything up to move is a real pain in the behind.

It took me a while to locate all my products, ones that I haven't used yet to review, hence the hiatus on blogging. Anyway, we are sort of settled in at my parents' so I am hoping that my blogging will be more consistent now.

One of the first products that I looked for were the new HD Lip Lacquers that Revlon sent me. I just fell in love with the packaging and it intrigued me. I am not a lip gloss person but seeing Emma Stone's Revlon ad wearing the gloss convinced me.

Today, I am setting my biases aside on lip gloss and tell you all about this wonderful hyper-pigmented gloss!
Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer, PhP 475 each
As I write this post, I am sitting here with my lips in high definition using Revlon's new ultra hd lip lacquer just for you. It really does give a boost of confidence just by wearing it.

So…what does HD even mean anyway? For some of you who are newbies in the word of beauty, what s HD makeup?

It refers to back in the day (seven years ago), when HD filming took off on TV, and everybody was like, “OMG! Makeup is really seen on HD cameras. Let’s do makeup for HD,” which was completely different than regular makeup (but really, a lot of it was marketing). When I studied HD Makeup for HD Film, it's really doing makeup as lightly as possible so that the camera will not pick up any traces of makeup.
But in the world of makeup, I think the term HD is basically makeup that looks high definition when it comes to color, vibrancy, and texture. But if you use HD Makeup on HD Cameras, seriously, it will look ugly.
In Revlon’s new Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer lines, the HD is more or less code for “Gel Technology,” which is what they say these lippies have. Basically, you’ve got a gel base, rather than a wax, and it’s designed to deliver purer pigments that are truer to what you see in the tube. They also feel softer and slicker on the lips.
I really get the sense that these lacquers are lip-hugging, and when I say “hugging,” I don’t mean like a bear type of hug, or one of those “Hey, girl!” hugs with the two hands. I mean, like a comfortable hug, where you feel the product moisturizes and caresses your lips and hold them tightly.
As I have mentioned on numerous occasions on my blog that I am not a lip gloss kinda gal, this one is actually kinda nice on the lips. They're just not transfer proof for those smoochy nights with your man, but it's actually very pretty on the lips and feel great. Not THAT sticky anyway.

I personally love using these lacquers when my lips are dry and chappy because it's really hydrating, plus, it provides protection on my lips. Sort of like a film of protection that sits on top of your lip skin.
Wear time with the lacquers lasts about 3-4 hours depending on the kind of activities your lips will be doing that day. If it's just a gab fest with your friends then it will last a long time. If you will be eating and drinking, then it cuts down to about half. And with smooching? Well... He might as well be wearing the lacquer himself.
Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquers are super smooth, and you get a lot of color from a single swipe. It has a tiny brush at the end of the wand that you can use to fill in your lips easily and "draw" the shape of lips that you desire.

I don't use this product though when I am out with my son because he liked touching them, and we do a whole lotta baby kissing on each other and we just make a mess out of it. I love wearing these lacquers to events though because they make a bold statement, and I catch a lot of attention with them.

Last October, I wrote a review on Revlon's Ultra HD Lipsticks, and you can read about that HERE.

So, have you tried any of Revlon's Ultra HD lip line? What do you think?

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  1. Smoky Quartz and Carnelian look really nice! It's a downer they aren't transfer-proof but it's a good thing they're moisturizing. :) Thanks for sharing, Ms. Sabs! x


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