Valentine's Day Makeup Look with Covergirl

Friday, February 12, 2016

Coming up with a Valentine's Day look is pretty easy. Yes, you guessed it right, my Valentine's Day look is always carefully planned. Even after being married to my husband for 5 years, I always want to look my best on the most romantic day of the year.

This year, I chose Covergirl for my look. I have a couple of reasons why I went for Covergirl this year. #1, their new Full Lash Bloom Mascara is new and is just screaming of Valentine's packaging which I love, and #2 their eyeshadow quad Go for the Golds is perfect for my outfit this year.

I think the whole red lips on Valentine's Day is done. Although it's a classic look, I wanted to go for a little bit more drama like my New Year's eve look (you can read that post HERE) a couple of years ago. I have always loved that look.
New drugstore mascaras are showing up everywhere, and Covergirl has always been on of the brands that I always look at when looking for a new mascara to try. Maybelline being one of the other brands.

The NEW Full Lash Bloom mascara claims to be a volumizing mascara that will make your lashes look full and thick. It comes in pink packaging with flowers all over, and the wand has both short and long bristles to help make the lashes look separated and full from root to tip. See? What did I tell you about the packaging being in-theme for Valentine's Day?
The Covergirl Eyeshadow Quad in Go for the Golds came out last spring 2015. I have been saving this quad for a couple of months already waiting for the right occasion to use it.
The shades are very much pigmented and very easy to blend and use! I would have used the #3 shade as eye shadow base but I wanted my eyes to sparkle instead of being muted. Besides, I was always using browns for events.
Going back to the mascara, it could be quite confusing to choose the right formula and wand that would work best on your lashes so it's really basically trying to find the right fit. And once you've found the right one for you, better stick to it.
I have personally tried a lot of mascaras in my life and there are only a handful of mascaras that I can recommend with much confidence.

This mascara is made with natural beeswax and also claims to have a mousse-like formula that makes the lashes more touchable (and flexible!) -so they claim. Let's see shall we?
Before anything else (BAE? LOL I hate that term by the way), I am currently obsessed with Say Artillero's eyelash curler, SAY. I love that it is made for Asian eyes and lashes and it very much reminds me of Shiseido's lash curler. It curls the lashes easily and very much natural looking (with no corners or edges)! And the fact that it's PINK. Kill me now. Plus, it only costs PhP 720 per lash curler. Talk about value for your money -it's comparable to Shiseido's eyelash curler which I prefer more than I do Shu Uemura's, I think SAY eyelash curler is very much at par with these big brands.
A single coat of this mascara and my lashes looked more defined but definitely not as voluminous and dramatic as I thought it would, but nonetheless promising if you layer it on. It looked very natural. Two coats of this, specially if you are not using a mascara shield, it would clump up so best to use just a single coat.
This mascara could easily be used for the lower lashes as well because of its easy-reach bristles. I have always loved the fat tubes of Covergirl because it's easier to control.

I would say that compared to their LashBlast Volume Mascara, this would be a bit more subtle than that. If I were to choose which one I would be using for more drama, then it would be the LashBlast.
I am still contemplating whether to use a nude lippie for my gold shadow or if I will use this gloss with a tinge of orange tint on it. I am still deciding which one will look better. I will have the full effect once I have my outfit on.

So, what is your V-Day look going to be?

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