Achieving Makeup Goals with Sleek

Thursday, March 10, 2016


As far back as being at the young age of 14, I have always loved makeup. I know that you have heard about this story before about a young girl sneaking into her mom's cosmetic dresser and trying on lipstick after lipstick. I did that too but I was inspired watching my best friend's older sister put on her makeup every morning before heading out to school. I love how she can transform herself from a sleepless zombie to a fresh and bright eyed princess.

Makeup transforms anyone and it can be very empowering. One of my mottos is that "wearing makeup is like wearing a secret pair of red thongs", it adds confidence and it really does give you that extra umph. You do not have to pile on the makeup, but you can just dab a little here and there to enhance your natural beauty.

When I was invited to Sleek's Makeup Transformations event a couple of months ago, I was thrilled because we got to play with makeup and we got to transform ourselves to our Makeup Goals and had a photo shoot.

We made a day out of it. We helped each other achieve our makeup goals and Sleek was able to do that because their makeup are not just for pros. Highly pigmented and extremely blendable, it's easy to reach our makeup goals with their products.
People would usually see me wearing light eye makeup and bold lip color. But for the shoot today, I wanted to make a statement that having heavy smoky eyes are wearable too! I love having to glam up myself every now and then.

One of my most favorite lippies from Sleek is their Matte Me Lip Cream in Birthday Suit which is a bestseller. It sells so fast! I am wearing it in the photo below.
Foe someone who loves makeup very much, I am very lazy to use eye shadow -but I need it the most because I do not have a crease. So having to play with makeup at the event using my blending techniques to achieve my makeup goal actually inspired me to wear eyeshadow most often. My eyes do not look as puffy anymore and I have this event to thank for that!

So now when you see me at events or around the mall when attending meetings, I wear eyeshadow. Actually I find myself wearing eyeshadow more often now than bold lippies! I love how emphasizing the eyes can make so much difference in your whole look.
Here's Shen of Shen's Addiction creating her very own Makeup Goal look using Sleek's uber blendable and easy to use makeup. I love how Sleek can be both for professional use and for beginners.

They have palettes upon palettes to choose from and you can mix and match those eyeshadow shades to create countless of makeup looks that can help you with your makeup goals.
When it comes to staying power, I love how my makeup stayed on until I removed the makeup at night before going to bed. It's highly pigmented and economical because all you need is a little product to do its job.

When I was still actively doing makeup in the beauty industry, I would ask friends who would go abroad to buy Sleek makeup for me because not only is it affordable, but they have quality makeup that really does its job real well. You can use it on yourself or for professional use. It's comparable to other professional makeup brands, but has a price tag that is very competitive.
Thank you to Sleek Makeup and to Digify for having me at the event and for helping me achieve my makeup goals. The event really inspired me to wear more eyeshadow because it really does complete the look, and it really gave me more confidence about myself.

It feels so good to be made up from head to toe. No matter how sh*tty you feel during the day, a good makeup look will make it all go away.

How about you? What are your makeup goals? Share them by commenting below!

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  1. you look fabulous :)

  2. You are 36yo??? You look younger I gotta say :) beautiful!

  3. I love doing my brows and just a nude lip, either Faux or Taupe from MAC. (:


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