First impressions on GlamGlow's Brightmud Eye Treatment

Sunday, March 13, 2016


Hey everyone! Hope everyone had a good weekend! So, I was able to finally try GlamGlow's Brightmud Eye Treatment yesterday. I have had these Eye Treatments since late last year when my cousin from the US gave me a couple.
I remember when GlamGlow first became available in Manila, I was so excited after hearing Hollywood A-listers rave about this amazing product. Although it does come with a hefty price tag of Php 3,750 for only 15g, it works like a charm and makes it worth it. Now I only use GlamGlow on really special occasions because its effects are immediate and fast you don't need to do it every other day.
GlamGlow has several masks: The original GLAMGLOW® Youthmud Original, my favorite mask GLAMGLOW® Supermud Clearing Treatment, and of course there is the GlamGlow ThirstyMud™ Hydrating Treatment. They have other treatments as well but I haven't tried them yet. They have had this eye treatment available in the market for a while now but I am only going to be able to try it right now! So excited.

The Brightmud Eye Treatment comes in a box and 12 treatments. It is recommended that you use the Brightmud Eye Treatment 2-3 times a week, but with my first use, I was able to see some results already. Imagine what it can do in 12.

It comes in a disposable contact-lens type of packaging per treatment and indicates which one is for the right and the left eye.
I opened one side of the package and noticed that there was quite a bit of product in there. I noticed that you can actually open it halfway and just use one side for both eyes. One side is enough to apply on both eyes! But since I opened it all the way and exposed both pits, I had to use up all of them. You can apply a thin layer instead to save up on product because it doesn't get absorbed all of it even if you leave it on for 5 minutes. Required time is only 3 minutes before wiping it off.

So if I were to recommend this, I would recommend using one side only and you get 24 treatments in all.
Undereye darkness had never really been a concern with me but ever since I gave birth, I found myself with dark shadows under the eyes. Although only a shade, it's still there. I also have lines there that I can't seem to get rid off no matter how strong the retinol I have in my eye cream. I guess some important factors that contribute to this is that I hardly have enough sleep and I suffer from allergic rhinitis that find me rubbing my eyes hard when they itch.
I lightly tapped it on my undereye area completely covered. Even if you apply also on your lids, one side of the pack will be enough. As you can see below, I applied both of the pits on my eyes and there are so much product wasted.
After about 10 seconds the activity level underneath my eye immediately took effect. It has a tingly, cooling feeling and it slightly stings just like the face muds that I've tried. After about a minute, the tingly feeling starts to go down. I left the product on for 5 minutes instead of 3 but I think 3 would have sufficed. I wiped away with a dry tissue as suggested in the packaging.
IMMEDIATE EFFECTS! I noticed that my under-eye felt softer, so there definitely was some exfoliation happening while you use it. I noticed that my undereye area wasn't so dark anymore, it actually looked brighter. As far as puffiness were concerned, it did have noticeable effects and that the line under my eyes were not so deep anymore. I noticed that the area is smoother and foundation doesn't sit stubbornly on those deep lines anymore when I apply my makeup.
Side by side, you can see how tired my eyes looked before applying the treatment. I love how these effects are immediate and imagine if I use up the entire box and I was very religious with the treatment!

Some dark sun spots I have around my eye area also faded a little bit which is always a good thing.
Overall I think this is a good undereye treatment. Some might say that I am biased when it comes to GlamGlow products because I am addicted to their mask. But people should also remember that I really did notice immediate results when using GlamGlow products.

I love how bright my face looks and I no longer look so tired and haggard. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and I agree. Even if you were dead tired from stress or taking care of an infant, at least fake that 8 hour sleep! LOL

GLAMGLOW® is available at THE SM STORE Makati, Megamall and Aura Beauty Section, FReSH Glorietta 5, Alabang Town Center, Eastwood and Century Mall, ART of SCENT One Shangrila Mall and Resorts World. 

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