Here's the full 411 on Vegan makeup brushes and why it could be the next preferred brushes

Friday, March 11, 2016

A few months ago, SUESH has sent me a basic set of their vegan makeup brushes. To be quiet honest, I wasn't really a fan of using vegan/synthetic brushes because I always thought that makeup doesn't quite stick to the hairs real good and it takes more effort to try and get makeup to stay on the brushes, extending your makeup time.

But after getting to know the brushes with Beauty and Minerals' Vegan brushes, and using these as well on a daily basis, I found a lot of benefits on why going vegan on your makeup brushes has its benefits too.

So before anything else, let's define what Vegan/Synthetic brushes are usually made of. They are made from either Taklon, Nylon or in some companies, they use a blend of materials to mimic animal hair. Taklon is used when a softer brush texture is needed, say for a blush or powder brush, whereas Nylon is used when a firmer texture is needed as in the case of a traditional foundation or concealer brush. When the fibers are blended together, you can get the best of both worlds for your intended purpose.
One of the top reasons why using synthetic/vegan brushes could be the best for you is that it's great for people who have sensitive or extremely sensitive skin. Synthetic bristles are naturally hypoallergenic, whereas some animal hair bristle can cause allergic reactions or contact dermatitis, which in my experience has been admittedly rare, but worth avoiding when the alternative is just as effective.

So no matter how often you wash those animal haired-makeup brushes, you could still suffer from contact dermatitis if you are allergic to them to begin with.
I also noticed that one of the best things about using vegan/synthetic makeup brushes is that the brushes are ideal for a working a professional makeup artist’s kit because they are easier to clean and sanitize between clients, and will last longer than animal hair brushes. If you are anything like me and is very anal about cleaning makeup brushes between clients, then opting for vegan brushes are the best way to go! Plus you do not have that risk of over drying your brushes as well when using strong brush cleansers. They dry faster too!

And you know what else? Vegan brushes are also naturally more hygienic than animal hair brushes (which are more porous), therefore more likely to collect bacterial and microbial growth. Seriously.
Another important reason why using Vegan brushes are awesome is that no animals were harmed when making these brushes. Honestly, this could be reason enough for you to start opting for Vegan friendly brushes and sometimes this reason alone is incentive to switch. Specially if you have furbabies at home.
Here are a couple more reason why Vegan brushes may be the best choice for makeup addicts:
  1. VERSATILITY. Synthetic brushes can be used for all types of products while natural hair brushes are suitable for powder only. Some people do use natural hair brushes for liquid and cream products but these brushes tend to streak the product, which takes more time to blend out. Natural hair bristles also absorb more liquid and cream product than synthetic bristles, which means there is more wasted product (ouch!). And also with the nature of natural hair brushes shedding more, it can be so annoying when you have hairs getting stuck on your skin while trying to blend in that foundation. It is also much harder to clean liquid and cream products out of natural/animal hair brushes because of the porous hair issue I mentioned above.
  2. LIFESPAN. Natural hair brushes shed a lot more than synthetic brushes. Now both types of brushes can shed easily when one, the glue starts to deteriorate (because let's face it, nothing lasts forever), or two, the ferrule (the metal cylinder around the brush handle that holds the brushes in place) is not tight enough. This is often the result of a poorly made brush and not because of the bristles themselves. However, natural hair bristles also shed because like our human hair, it is prone to breakage over time due to natural deterioration and lack of conditioning. This diminishes their lifespan in comparison to synthetic brushes made of nylon and taklon. 
  3. MAINTAINS ITS SHAPE. One of the problems with natural hair brushes is they will eventually lose their shape unless you put some sort of band around them while they dry (but it also takes the form of that band). If you are already using synthetic brushes, then you already know that you can just lay them lying down and it will still take that original shape after they dry. Although laying your brushes down flat can trap water in the ferrule causing the glue to deteriorate faster or for mildew to grow at the base of your bristles (eww). So investing in a makeup brush tree for drying is best. I will feature that soon when mine arrives from the US.

So there it is ladies! The full 101 on Vegan brushes. Upon reading this post, are you convinced to make the switch? I would love to hear what you think! Leave comments on what you think about Vegan brushes!

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  1. These sound amazing! I love that they work for people with sensitive skin.

  2. great brushes ;)

  3. i got suesh brushes too ms sabs, i got the Essential travel brushes

  4. Vegan brushes are awesome and sound amzing! I love those pretty makeup brushes. :)
    thanks for sharing!

    Makeup Brush Set

  5. I really love this makeup brush set that you attached on your blog. I found it more helpful and easy to use. thank you for this one! :)

    Makeup Brush Set


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