Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color gives you shades you will love

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Summer is almost here and I love celebrating that with blush. I most specially love wearing blush on bare skin because it just looks so natural and laid back, but still manage to look put together. Remember a few months ago I blogged about Pink Sugar Cosmetics launching in Manila?

Well, I have been stuck to them like white on rice lately because of their high quality cosmetics with an affordable price tag. I thought it was the Sugar Tints that I loved solely from the brand, but as it turned out, after swatching their blushes, I think I may have change my mind about that -now I have two favorites from the brand.

Pink Sugar Cosmetics Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color, PhP 499 each
Let's talk packaging -I love the sleek black and hot pink color of their packaging. I think it's a mixture of pro and fun at the same time. Their packaging is pretty solid so it won't break right away. Aside from Happy Skin, Pink Sugar definitely comes next in my top local brands for affordable and quality cosmetics. Seriously, Pink Sugar cosmetics is really competitive and you can use their products professionally too.
The back part of the compact, reminds me of NARS' packaging. It's actually a mixture of MAC and NARS for me. I love how their packaging can look pro in your makeup train case!
Pink Sugar's blushes glides on easily on the skin, and the feel is really soft, silky, and smooth. It doesn't feel chalky at all on the skin, and it doesn't break easily too. It's soft and has a velvet-y cushiony feel when you dip your brush.
I wish I had the time to swatch all of these lovely shades on my cheeks but I was really excited to post this and let my loyal readers know as soon as possible that now they can buy quality blushes that are at par with all international cosmetic brands at an affordable price, and it's a home grown brand too! These blushes do not dry out easily when it comes in contact with the oil of your face causing it to harden right away.

Here's a photo of me wearing Paris Lights. This blush reminds me so much of NARS Orgasm and Elizabeth Arden's Radiance Blush in Sunburst. I love how it easily glides on the surface of the skin and it won't leave patches of uneven blush. The brush is really easy to use, and the wide distrubution of the hairs of the brush makes you cover a whole lot of cheek so the blush looks really even and natural.
On my cheekbones though, I applied a sheer layer just to give my cheekbones a life using the South Beach shade which is perfect for contouring, I used the Sin City shade sparingly to highlight the rest of my face. I don't know why it doesn't show on my photos though but I love the soft glow and shimmer that these blushes give my skin. 

These blushes by Pink Sugar Cosmetics are highly pigmented and it really does give the HD effect. You only need to dab the tip of the brush on the pan and tap off excess and you will be able to build a great natural looking blush on your cheeks. You can apply on top of bare skin or skin with foundation, and it will still look very natural on the skin -somewhat an airbrushed look.
I am also digging on the Concrete Jungle shade which I think can moonlight as an eyeshadow too. I love the texture of these blushes because they seem creamy and glides easily on the skin but it adheres really well on the surface of the skin making it last the whole day with minimal touchups.

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  1. I love that Paris Lights one! So beautiful!!

  2. Oooh this is interesting! Gotta pick at least one up soon. :-) thanks for these swatches!


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