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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

A couple of months ago, I was sent this cute gift set by Elella Cosmetics so that I can try some of their best sellers.

I just love trying out new beauty products because one thing I love other than trying them out, is talking about them and sharing them with you! To be quite honest, I haven't heard some of these products before and I am surprised that they are really big abroad and they are actually being sold in the Philippines! It's always good to know that we have so much options now in the market!

As we all know, Malaysians, Koreans, and the Japanese are big on Skin Care and that's why these products are worth trying!

I received sample sachets of their best-selling products that I can only assume are being sold in Watson's because I can't find anything on the net about Elella in the web. Having lost my press release (duh!), I will just update this blog post as soon as I find out more information on where to get these products.
KISS Mineral Aqua Mud Foam, is made from all natural ingredients and promises to remove acne, wrinkles, & exfoliate the skin with each use. This anti-aging facial cleanser rids excess oil and minimizes pores. This mineral aqua mud foam effectively cleanses, detoxifies, and moisturizes your skin at the same time.

I have heard raves on this product as well so I must say I am pretty excited to try this too! I would have wanted a full sized product though so I can use it more than once to see the difference it makes on my skin.
 They have several products under the Elella Skin Care line and just a few of them are the one below, which is the Ginseng Therapy Perfect Face CC Cream...
... and the Ginseng Therapy Clarifying Essence which I have not tried yet, but I did however try their Ginseng Mask which I will talk about later on.
White Me Up is a product that haven't been featured in any blogs in Manila before but sure is popular abroad. This made me curious.
This overnight sleeping mask (according to my research on the internet) is made up of 100% all natural ingredients with no traces of steroids or mercury. It is suitable for all skin types including oily and sensitive skin. Developed by a famous beauty & skin expert, the mask is formulated with alpha arbutin, vitamin C+ and natural extracts. This diminishes the appearance of pores, supports natural nourishment, exfoliates and addresses impurities. 
The concentrated collagen in this mask serves as a regenerative agent to renew your skin cells and making you look younger and more vibrant. It restores radiance, clarity & suppleness to skin, minimises the open pores, and smoothens your skin.

I have been seeing masks by Samsung in Watsons actually and I have tried a couple of their masks in the past.
I have always been a MASK person, whether it be the mask sheets or the ones that you apply on your face (here are some of my favorite clay masks/muds: Herbalife Skin Purifying Clay MaskOrigins Original Skin Renewal Mask, GLAMGLOW® Youthmud Original)
It's supposed to re-hydrate your skin instantly with one use, and refreshen your face. It's to be used as a moisturizer and you can apply it as often as you want on the desired area. Since my skin has been suffering from dryness in spite of this crazy heat, I find my skin flaking after taking a shower, and it's almost impossible to apply makeup and make it look supple because of the dry spots!
It has a very water-like consistency but in gel form that gets absorbed by the skin fast. I love how it spreads on easily on the skin and really feels cool on the skin. It really freshens up the skin!
It's easy to spread and it feels really cool on the skin. Not minty per se, but it really feels refreshing on the skin. Ok, I can't say "fresh" enough. LOL In a nutshell, it spreads on like water on the skin, and cools it and calms it specially when it feels over heated in a way. The gel gets absorbed fast and the skin instantly feels supple and hydrated. Perfect for days you don't want to wear moisturizing creams before makeup.
The other thing in the kit that was sent to me that caught my eye was the bright pink lippie from Jordana. I'm sure you have seen this brand at one point in your life -I know I have! I just haven't had the opportunity to try one though! As for price points though, I can't say but I will update this blog post when I find out.
It has a nice consistency, but a little bit waxy for my taste. For pigment though, it's really highly pigmented and true to life color. What you see on the tube is what you get on your lips even without swatching.
Here's a photo of me using the Ginseng Therapy Refreshing Gel before applying my makeup. I noticed that my foundation clung on to my skin better, and looked like second skin. It melted right into the skin rather than sitting on top of the surface on my dry skin.

I love how light it feels on my skin while hydrating it. My skin feels tight too and I feel that my skin looks brighter instantly. I am wearing the Jordana lipstick on my lips. Since I didn't exfoliate my lips, it highlighted my flaky lips but it's highly pigmented! This is just one layer of lipstick on my lips.
You can find most of these products at Zalora or at Watson's. I highly recommend the Ginseng Therapy Refreshing Gel because it has an instant effect specially if you suffer from severe dry skin!

So, have you tried any of these products before? Which ones have you tried?

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  1. these product look nice :) Great pink colour :)


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