Pink Sugar's BB Cream may be the perfect base for the Summer

Friday, April 29, 2016

For someone who has to say a lot about beauty, I sure have been MIA from blogging for a while. Weeks leading up to our Japan trip last week, it was a crazy month for me because we had to get out yaya's papers in order so that she will be able to join us in Japan. Otherwise, Henri will have to be left home if we cannot travel without her. I am dependent on her to be quite honest. I am not ashamed to admit it!

So anyway, it being crazy hot this summer here in Manila, I have been on the constant look out for the perfect foundation to use during the summer because I have found some of my foundations to melt off my face faster than I can say SUMMER. You will find me posting a lot of foundation posts because I have so many here at home and finding the right one for this crazy humidity and heat is like trying to find the right boyfriend. I know I said that about mascara before, but I find it harder to find foundation now than mascaras.

Pink Sugar It's Awesome BB Cream in Light Warm, PhP 499

Before anything else, what I love about Pink Sugar's BB Cream is that they cover a whole lot of shades that cater to the Filipina skin tone. Some women like me suffer from a confused skin tone, I have both yellow and pink tones so choosing the perfect shade for me is always a pain. So at the LAUNCH OF PINK SUGAR, we were told that they had shades that address this kind of skin tone issue.
The PS BB Cream comes in a 30g tube which by the way will last you forever. Just a little of this stuff can do your whole face!
It's quite handy as you can see. If can fit in your cosmetics bag easily that fist in your purse for touch ups when you need it.
With my unusual skin tone, Light Warm was the best choice for me. I usually went with the lightest shades because I tend to be acidic, but surprisingly, their BB Cream doesn't really react that much to my acidity. This is always a bonus for me. But since this base contains SPF which tend to have a lighter finish (always expect this with SPFs. The higher the SPF, the lighter the finish will be).
They come sealed too. I love it when brands protect their products like this one. It reassures you that you're not getting a tester! LOL Yes, I have horror stories where I got a tester from a store when I bought a BB Cream! Ugh.  
You can see on the swatch below that it's yellowing but contains slightly on the orange/pinkish side as well. It blends perfectly on the skin too!
It has a creamy, velvety smooth finish on the skin, and it really blends really well on my tone. And this is just on my hand! Initially, the shade looked to light on me, but after a few minutes of wear, it has become more fluid and seamless. I also love the smell of it. It smells like skin care. Like that of a typical BB Cream. Wait, what?
Here is me, 100% makeup free and wax free -LOL. I haven't had the time to have my facial hair removed so please, don't judge me.

I found my skin to get drier in spite of the really humid weather. I have still yet to find the cause -probably it's because I am not drinking enough water anymore. I need to hydrate more. I used to drink about 6-8 glasses of water a day, I guess I have to double it now, it being so freakishly humid.
My first impression was, I think I got the wrong shade of BB Cream, I was thinking I should have gone with the darker shade. It had a white-ish cast that I didn't really like, but the finish was amazing. I loved how it filled up my pores (without clogging), disguising most of my oversized pores.

This BB Cream hydrated my flaky cheeks, and it seemed to have controlled my oily nose. It didn't over oil as much all throughout the day which is always good. I have the matching concealer too but I try not to use too much concealer this summer. It just weighs my skin down! I save those for the cooler months.
After setting my BB Cream with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium, and put everything else on my face to complete my makeup look, the BB Cream started to blend into my skin really well. It really gave my skin a nice glowing finish that does not feel too thick on the face, or too sticky.
Although this base is very appropriate for our climate, I would recommend using this BB Cream sparsely. No, it's not because it's too thick for our very humid country, I just think a little goes a long way with this product. It has full coverage so you can just use it on areas you need coverage, and just brush on loose powder or pressed powder with a brush to set. It will look more flawless and lighter than having to pile it on because of the full coverage.

I would say this BB Cream can act as a liquid foundation with added benefits because of the consistency and the coverage. I love using it everyday, even when I go to the grocery. I love mixing it with my day moisturizer so that it will set as a tinted moisturizer and the coverage is just so pretty.

Overall? I would give this BB Cream a 5-star! I guess you can quote me saying that I would recommend this base as the perfect one to use in the summer. You can use it sparsely and still get the right amount of coverage. It's lightweight, and it has an ample amount of SPF to keep you protected! It has skin care too! And because the humidity makes us skip the moisturizer, you can rely on this product to include everything you need for the summer: skin care, spot corrector, coverage, SPF and sun protection too!

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