Can girls dye their hair? Hairshaft enlightens us why it's OK!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

If you are mom with a dalaga at home, I'm sure at one point she has asked you if she could have their hair colored. The most asked question on beauty and their daughters is whether to allow kids color their hair or not, or at what age can they start?

There is only one hairstylist I trust to ask this question, and that was Fred of Hairshaft. You remember Fred from my DreamHair Wish blog post right? And since then, his opinion is the only one I trust. According to Fred, at this day in a world of advanced technology, a lot of chemical-free hair dyes have gone out in the market that is 100% safe for your dalaga. Some are chemically based as well (stronger dyes), but it's not harmful to your little one.

"As long as you do not dye your hair constantly starting at a young age", he says, "you can once in a while let them have fun with color."

This is my goddaughter, Alyssa. She is as kikay as her mom and her ninang -she loves makeup and she does her own hair styling everyday before going to school. Oh, and did I mention she's only 12? She can do her hair better than me.

Her mom mentioned one day that her graduation wish was that she can have her hair dyed. I stepped up and asked Fred if he would be willing to do a feature on dying a little girl's hair so we can inform moms out there that hair dye for kids is safe.

Can you just imagine how happy she was when I told her that we were making her hair wish come true? And oh, the countless pegs... LOL

So one fine day in March, we headed out to Hairshaft Podium to have all our hair dyed. But let's focus on Alyssa's hair.
 I love how Fred explained to Alyssa the process on what's going to be done to her hair. Fred also made suggestions on how to minimize damage on the hair. So they will be applying dye only on the tips of her hair where it would grow out eventually before school starts, without damaging the scalp and the roots of her hair. he also told us that in about a couple of months the dye will fade eventually just in time for school which is perfect for kikay girls who want to have fun with their hair in the summer!

Alyssa decided to go with a Peek-a-boo style. She gets the best of both worlds by getting her craving for multi-colored hair, at the same time, without damaging her hair or her scalp! Plus, it's really subtle enough as to not shock her mom or her lola. Hahaha!
 They started by stripping the hair color from her hair so the colored dye will really pop out when applied.
 Alyssa opted for an ombre, rainbow hair that can only be seen when she does a half ponytail or if she puts her hair up. or braids her hair. I think this style is really fun for kids.
I know the yellow-orange color will scare you but it adds character and it will make the color pop out! You'll see!
 Time to wash off the dye!

What I love about Hairshaft is that they don't care about the time. They will make sure that you get the result that you have, they won't rush their work.
 After washing Alyssa's hair, they also applied a deep conditioner on her hair that they let soak up for about half an hour. This makes sure that her hair will absorb as much moisture it can and her newly dyed hair will be soft and won't dry out.
 After drying her hair, Fred's team braided her hair so that she can show off her hair color!

Before anything else, Fred and I believe in the same philosophy about hair. Hair is one way to express oneself. I love a different hair color, cut, or style can up lift your mood, or can actually change your entire out look in life. Seriously though.

Kids should be able to do that too! I think 12 is a good age for them to start coloring their hair and only in the summer. A lot of schools do not allow colored hair so the summer is a great way for them to have fun with their hair!
 Allowing your daughter to dye their hair does not mean they have carte blanch on what to do with their hair, they still need close supervision. Alyssa's mom made sure that her hair is not completely dyed from root to tips with an outrageous color. A single inch strip of hair on the bangs dyed bright pink, purple or orange is nice for girls as well!
 By dyeing Alyssa's hair this way will ensure that her scalp is not damaged, and the color will completely fade before school starts.

But before you rush out the door to the salon with your little girl, here something you can help her transition to dyeing her hair:

Explain to her that she should work her way to an all-over color. If your girl is a YouTuber, then chances of her seeing the buzz over celebs with pastel hair are high. Remember that these international celebrities have light hair to begin with and they're older and have probably been dyeing their hair their whole lives. So start small. Tell her that having a whole head of dyed hair is not easy, specially when it's permanently damaged.

Start with a peekaboo piece like Alyssa here. Like doing a chunk underneath or a chunk on the side or a streak in the front or in the bangs. It’s very low maintenance and you don’t ever have to touch it up if it’s underneath because you never really see the roots (plus you don't really dye the roots anyway).
 Here are some important things to remember before taking your girl to Hairshaft:

  • Ask your daughter if she is sure about the style and the color that she wants. Remind her that it's permanent, and having to change the color will damage her hair. Plus, she will have to look at that hair color for the entire summer so it has so be something she really wants!
  • Dyeing is costly. It can cost from 4-7k depending on the severity and the number of color she wants. So make sure that she's 110% sure of the color.
  • Dyeing the hair can cause dryness in the hair. This is inevitable. Ask her if she is serious about taking care of her post-dyeing which includes a safe-deep conditioning hair mask once or twice a week and having to wash her hair constantly with sulfate-free shampoo.
  • Before leaving the house for the salon, make sure that you are wearing dark colored clothing that you wouldn't mind getting some stains on. Little girls can hardly sit still so they will get dye on their clothing.

A lot of moms may disagree on this blog post about allowing kids to dye their hair but remember that our opinions vary. Some moms are more open about their kids experimenting with their hair at a young age, while some prefer them older. Just remember that everyone has their own opinion so I would love it if you go easy on the comments if you do not agree.

Summer is a great way for tweenage girls have fun with their hair! While some enjoy an edgier hair cut, some more adventurous girls dye their hair. It's all about self-expression!

So girls, even though dyeing now is safe, it's still best to ask mommy what she thinks is best for you!

Now I ask you, would you let your little girl dye her hair even just for the summer? Would love to hear what you think! Do so by leaving a comment below. (Rude comments will be deleted)

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  1. At first I did not like where this was going, a 12 year old with carte blanche on hair color can end up with rainbows which may be nice the first week but after that they are begging to have it removed and return to the original color or try something else. Not to mention how damaging it can be and the younger you start the more treatments it will take. However you handled it responsibly and only allowed it to be the tips where it is not damaging. Doing it from home can lead to those disasters but with a professional it turned out beautifully. I encourage voluntarism as long as it is well informed and she was.


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