Strip Ministry of Waxing saves the Bees!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I received this press release from Strip and they explain the campaign better than me so I will be posting everything they sent me so you can better understand what the movement is all about! Let's help save the Bees!

STRIP, the global authority on hair removal, is embarking on a campaign to save the world’s dwindling bee population as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.

Dubbed as “Save the Queen” campaign, STRIP aims to invoke a change in society starting out by educating the public on how bees are pollinators and not pests.
Creating the buzz

Anchoring the campaign is STRIP’s key visual inspired by The Sex Pistols’ “God Save the Queen” album art. Designed with grunge elements of the 80s, STRIP’s campaign visual draws on the pink movement’s bold ambition to invoke a change in society, starting by educating the public on how bees are pollinators and not pests. They help pollinate 1/3 of the world’s food crop. If they die out, so will the world’s food source.

Bee the solution
Having successfully sown the seeds of a local urban farming movement in Singapore earlier this year, CEO of the Spa Esprit Group Cynthia Chua hopes to spark the same public interest towards saving the bees. By working with apiaries around the world such as in Rwanda in Africa and Midi-Pyrenes in France, this campaign not only benefits the global bee economy but provides a sustainable income and jobs for small-batch beekeepers as well. This initiative also helps bee farmers cultivate and save more bees.

In the Philippines, STRIP is supporting Tobee’s Apiary in Baguio by buying honey to create sustainable income for the beekeepers.
No wax without bees
What sets STRIP apart is the quality of their wax that’s carefully and tirelessly researched and developed by their 10-men strong training academy.

Other waxing salons use honey lemon wax derived from honey, which serves as the bees’ food. This affects bees because their homes get destroyed when honey is harvested from the honeycombs. Meanwhile, STRIP uses beeswax, which is the natural wax produced by bees.

A series of campaign merchandise such as slogan tote bags, and mini jars of wild honey will be sold at STRIP outlets, while out-of-store activities that include disseminating fridge magnets, are aimed at encouraging the public to contact Plan Bee – STRIP’s official bee re-habilitation service partner – instead of exterminators when they come across a bee hive.

Through this, STRIP aims to protect the honeycombs. Without these, there will be no bees, thus no honey.
Sweetening the deal
In line with the campaign, STRIP will also launch their newest wax variant, the Queen Bee Wax.

The Queen Bee Wax comes from sustainable apiaries in Australia. It contains skin-conditioning properties like titanium dioxide that cares for sensitive skin. Moreover, its easy-to-apply formula minimizes skin drag, making hair removal quick and comfortable.

Clients who avail of certain services that use the Queen Bee Wax, such as the full leg or arm wax, will have the opportunity to do their part in helping save the bees. A percentage of every Queen Bee Wax spent at STRIP will go towards the apiaries that Strip is collaborating with.

In appreciation of their support for the campaign, clients stand a chance to win STRIP vouchers when they have a go at picking a scroll from the in-store “hive” installation.

“Bees are so crucial to our modern ecosystem and future, yet we are so often unthinking in the way we treat them. We need to see bees in a new light and do everything we can to ensure their survival. My vision is to eventually set up a global network of apiaries that in addition to producing honey and wax sustainably, will also provide jobs for 10,000 women,” says Cynthia Chua.

“We, at STRIP, are always one notch ahead. We are doing our part on being sustainable to protect the environment,” said Tab Abad, managing director of STRIP Manila. “Strip is not just a hair removal business. We are doing more to take care of the future.”
So in a nutshell -let's help save the Bees by not using up their food supply of honey. Let us all use products that are honey-free. Bees wax is an ingredient that is naturally produced by Bees without messing up their ecosystem. If they disappear, so will we!

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