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Monday, August 01, 2016


In the lipstick world, MAC pretty much has it covered specially when it comes to matte lipsticks. Their matte lipsticks are rather amazing and provide a fantastically matte finish that a lot of other companies simply can’t reproduce -they have been the pioneers in matte lipsticks.

So when Avon boldly stands up and claim that their new matte lipstick is more matte than MAC, I think it deserves a bit of attention.
I have been a fan of Avon lipsticks for a while now. Ever since I received my first ever product from them a few years ago, I am hooked. So now, every time someone would ask me what brand of lipstick is affordable but is at par with luxury brands, I definitely recommend Avon.

An not only for their lipsticks, their other makeup and skin care products are top notch as well.

I remember being addicted to Avon's Ultra Color Absolute Lipsticks, and those weren't even the matte ones. I don't usually wear creamy lipsticks because it tends to end up on my teeth, but surprisingly, those really moisturized my lips making me addicted to them! And they didn't end up on my teeth as much!

And before Avon's amazing new Perfect Matte lipsticks, they also made what I labeled as the Perfect Red lippie which was very much close to Chanel's Lipstick in Gabrielle but only a fraction of the price.
So, as I was saying, Avon has labeled their new lipsticks A New Generation of Matte Lipsticks. This is the statement that Avon is claiming with their brand new True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick. The whole advertising campaign (when I was researching about it abroad) appears to be based around being “more matte than MAC”, stating that they have run a series of tests and that the results are on on their side. Plus, they are a lot more affordable too!
Avon Perfectly Matte Lipsticks, PhP 399/each
Some matte lipsticks still tend to be too shiny or too chalky that you can hardly apply it properly on your lips. They crack and they cake so much that it dries out your lips.
Avon claims that their new matte lipsticks' color is so intense that you get full color in just 1 swipe! It never cakes, cracks or compromises during wear.

My swatches above are only a single swipe and I must say I got so "kilig" when I first swiped them because it truly just one swipe to get intense color. It truly is amazing. It glides on like creamy lipstick, but the effect is matte. Its consistency is close to that of liquid velvet mattes, but it gives a true matte finish.

If I exfoliated my lips and moisturized them more, then the darker lip shades wouldn't have given this effect like they made my lips flaky. Excuse my skin too, being 5 months pregnant and hormonal makes my skin act out! It's really so dry right now and it just looks so off.
Red Supreme

Superb Wine

Wild Cherry

Ruby Kiss

Color Fever

Splendidly Fuchsia

Electric Pink

Vibrant Melon

Pure Pink

I love how Avon came up with their own shades and they're not really exact dupes of MAC lipsticks or other brands. My favorites would definitely be Electric Pink, Splendidly Fuchsia, Wild Cherry, and Superb Wine. Pure Pink would be the safest pick if you were more of the modest type, but I love bold lipsticks so I chose the ones that really stand out. Coral Fever is just as fun, and kind of reminds me of Happy Skin's Shut Up & Kiss Me Limited Edition Lipstick in Sunset Kiss in a more matte finish though.

In regards to the comparison with MAC, I don't see them being necessarily MORE matte than MAC, but they are a lot more easy to apply than MAC's matte lipsticks. I find Avon's more creamier to apply and more moisturizing for this kind of ultra matte effect. Plus, you can never go wrong with the price!

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  1. Love the shades!Especially Electric Pink..

  2. So pretty! I miss you my friend! :) Love the Superb Wine!

  3. I love all the shades esp vibrant melon. Good thing to know that this Avon matte lipstick moisturizes your lips too because some matte lippie out there just keeps my lips dry.

  4. Electric Pink looks like a dupe for Candy Yum Yum!

  5. I bought Coral Fever just because it reminded me of Happy Skin!

  6. I like that you provide actual photos of yours trying these lip sticks! I'll ask my Filipino makeup artist if these will fit me. I hope all is good!

  7. Thanks for this review.:) I've been reading your blog since 2010!! your step-by-step makeup tutorials (in words) based on your client work were very helpful when i first got interested in makeup.🙃


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