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Tuesday, August 02, 2016


I love how girls now of all ages are so into contouring and highlighting! I remember how women were so scared of the word contouring because of how old they might look. Now, definition is a crucial part of any makeup look whether it be for day or night makeup!

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Sleek over the years, especially their blushes and lip products, but it was really hard to get my hands on before when I was still actively doing makeup. But now that Sleek is finally here, I can get my hands on their products every time I catch wind of what product is really good to try right now!

So when Sleek sent me their cheek palettes, I had to open everything and try all of it in one go! I have tried Sleek's Matte Me lipstick before and I just love how their products deliver what they promise, so I knew that these babies will work just as well too!

Face Form
Contouring & Blush Palette

Remember NARS' Orgasm? Pink Sugar's Sweet Cheeks in Paris Lights or Elizabeth Arden's blush in Sunburst? I love blushes that are both cool and warm at the same time. It contains pink and orange pigments, and some gold iridescence particles that looks good on both fair and dark skinned women. This palette has that blush together with a contouring and highlighting powder.
Sleek Face Form Contouring & Blush Palette in Light, PhP 875
If you are already a lover of Sleek products, then I’m sure you’ll know that one of their most well-loved products is their contour kit. It has been famed for enhancing cheekbones at an affordable price, and its one of the most often used products I see popping up on a lot of my favourite YouTubers. And now as if that contour kit isn't good enough, Sleek decided to create a sister product called ‘Face Form’ which is what you see here today.

This palette is highly pigmented and not at all chalky. I hate it when blushes are highly pigmented but are extremely chalky that you always end up so much on your face that it would be near impossible to correct it. Remember my experience with Bobbi Brown's Blush in Berry? It was a gorgeous shade but I always have to use that with extreme caution.
Highlighting Palette
Precious Metals

I love LOVE a good highlighter, and my current fave? The highlighter included in Happy Skin's Feeling Sculptacular Face Contour Kit. I am always on the look out for a good highlighter and ever since I opened my Sleek Highlighting Palette in Precious Metals, I’ve been loving it more and more lately. 
Sleek Highlighting Palette in Precious Metals, PhP 875
The palette has 3 cream highlighters (yes, cream) – a cool, slightly pinkish silver (Platinum), a high sparkle soft gold (Royal Gold), a champagne gold (Renaissance Gold) and a bronze powder highlighter (Antique Bronze). The palette offers a nice variety and different finishes which is great for those who like trying out different hues or for makeup artists who are looking for a wide selection of highlighters in their kit.

And don't you just love the metallic, shiny case it comes in?
It's very easy to apply, I use my fingers to dab it on top of my already made up face without disturbing the makeup underneath it, or caking it when I am blending the cream with my fingers. My favorite highlighter shade in this palette is Renaissance Gold because it has a softer, and subtle sparkle finish compared to Platinum and Royal Gold which contain bigger sparkle grains that look too glittery. Renaissance Gold looks the most natural on the skin. I also like Antique Bronze especially when I’m wearing warmer blushes, I love blending it with the warmer shade of blush or with my bronzer!
Blush by 3 Palette
Pink Lemonade

Sleek MakeUP added two new palettes to their range of Blush by 3 range in 2014, so we welcome the latest addition: Pink Lemonade. The Sleek Blush by 3 Blush Palettes contain 3 full size Sleek blushes. I'm glad I was able to receive Pink Lemonade because it contains shades I don’t already own. 
Sleek Blush by 3 in Pink Lemonade, PhP 875
Sleek’s Pink Lemonade Blush by 3 Palette contains two powder blushes, and one cream blush that is placed in the middle of the palette. I’ve never tried one of the Blush by 3 palettes before, but I have tried many of Sleek's original single blushes from my cousin who lives in the US and I just loved them.
The inspiration behind ‘Pink Lemonade‘ [according to their website] is the traditional, old fashioned English tea parties, isn't that just adorable? Each of the shade are named that reflect this. I love this inspiration behind the palette because it's so girly, and to think it's the end of Spring/Summer and we are already approaching the 'ber' months which we tend to wear warmer shades of blushes.
Since I couldn't decide which of these Sleek Palettes I wanted to use, I used one product from each palette and used them altogether. I love how you can blend them with each other without looking clown-ish.

For my evening makeup look, I did a soft smokey eye and used the contouring powder from the Face Form palette. I shaded my temples and my hair line, I also contoured my cheek bones and also shaded my nose line for definition. I used the same contour powder to define the bridge of my nose the I blended toward the crease of my eyes. I also used the highlighting powder to highlight my forehead.

Next, I used Renaissance Gold from the Precious Metals Highlighting Palette to highlight my nose line, brow bones, cheek bones, and my chin. I also dabbed some Platinum shade on the center of my lips to add more definition.

Last, I used Macaroon Cream Blush from the Blush by 3 in Pink Lemonade Palette as a base for my blush -I used my finger to apply it and it didn't disturb the makeup I had underneath! And then, I topped that off with both Pink Mint and Icing Sugar by blending them together to create a nice warm/cool tone.
ON MY FACE: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Cushion Compact SPF 50+++Canmake Marshmallow Finish PowderEye of Horus Ultimate Brow Define in Medium Brown, Features & Shades (formerly Fanny Serrano) Single Eyeshadow in Mocha JavaThe Body Shop Smoky 2 in 1 Gel Liner Eyes and Brows in brownMaybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipstick in Reb03

I would definitely try out their other palettes because they're really convenient to bring in my professional makeup artist kit. I'm really glad that big companies like Sleek are now in Manila and it's easier to get our hands on them specially us Makeup Artists!

Have you tried any of Sleek's makeup products? Which ones and tell me about it!

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  1. I just got my Sleek contour kit and OMG am I loving it! It's so smooth and looks so natural when blended that I wonder how I ever lived without it!

    1. Great! I love how easy it is to blend and how natural it looks too!

    2. Great! I love how easy it is to blend and how natural it looks too!


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