COMMENTER OF THE MONTH GIVEAWAY FOR September/October 2016: Oval Makeup Brush Sets!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


I have always been curious about the whole Oval Makeup Brush trend that has makeup lovers gush over online. Being the makeup addict and lover that I am, of course I had to check them out myself. I ordered a set online, not the branded ones, but ones that have no name but made in the US just the same.

There are a lot of Oval Makeup Brush Sets on Ebay that cost almost like $5 for a set, but these are made in China. I opted for ones that are made in the US, and bought them from Amazon for $40 a set of 10 brushes. The brushes you see below are only 9 because I gave one to my friend who badly wanted one. And since it was almost the same size as the ones in  the middle, I gave her one.

Oval Makeup Brush Set, $40 (Amazon)

It took only about a month for these to arrive, and I was ecstatic! The brushes are pretty solid to me. Made from flexible plastic, these brushes won't break easily specially when you apply a lot of pressure on them.

These brushes are specially designed more for personal use than to be used on someone else. So if you are a makeup artist, these would be harder to use than your professional traditional brushes.

If you are anything like me -a beauty lover or makeup artist, I’m sure you have seen these oval makeup brushes around on social media or in makeup videos of beauty gurus using these. Now these aren’t the Artis Makeup Brushes that you have been hearing, but these are just as good as those and less expensive. Consider these as the drugstore version of the Artis brushes.

These Oval Brushes definitely leaves your makeup looking flawless. I was amazed by how flawless my makeup base was after using it just once. No practice required, nor any special strokes required! There would been times where I have used too much foundation and I always end up wiping most of it because the traditional foundation brush that I use couldn't blend it properly on my skin! But with the Oval Makeup Brush (largest size), I was able to blend my foundation real well into my skin and it really did leave my foundation flawless, no streaks or patches.
I have been breaking out lately because of the pregnancy hormones. And I figured it would be the perfect time to review the Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream by The Body Shop, while using my new Oval Foundation Brush.
 Since it contains Tea Tree and it's very light weight, I say this is perfect for pregnant women suffering the same breakout as me, or for women who have oily skin and would want to wear something light on their face.
Made from only natural ingredients, this BB Cream makes it really perfect for pregnant women.
The shade is a tad lighter than my natural skin color but it's easily blended into the skin and can be adjusted with a darker shade of foundation if you must.
 Using the oval foundation brush, I just started brushing the product in any direction. I just worked on spreading the product on the surface of my skin and just smoothed it out well. The result is really flawless! Like it was airbrushed.

The handle however was a little hard to maneuver because the handle is flexible, and the heavy head did not help either. These brushes can bend up to 90deg and it won't break or get deformed!
I love the smell of the BB Cream, it smells like Tea Tree! Some people do not like the smell of Tea Tree, but for me, it's one of the smells now that I can stand while pregnant. It smells relaxing if that makes any sense.
The BB Cream glides on smoothly on the skin and it's not at all too thick or chalky like some BB Creams are. It covered most of my pimples, and hides dark spots real well.

The oval blush brush is more sturdy to handle because the head is smaller. Dipping the brush in my Sleek blush by 3 in Pink Lemonade, I did not even have to use a whole lot of pressure on the brush to pick up product. A little goes a long way and blending wasn't even a problem because you need minimal blending skills to make the blush look professionally applied!
The other oval blush brush I used for blending the edges. I love how the hairs feel on my skin. They are soooo soft and does not feel at all synthetic.
Applying powder on my face with a powder brush, I find my makeup effortless and airbrush like. I think this is the effect that these brushes give. Honestly, some people would say that generic oval brushes that you buy online is a waste of money, but these sets that I bought are really good enough as the highly expensive branded ones.
Cleaning the brushes are easy! Since the hairs are made form synthetic hairs, they can be cleaned easier. I use a Parian Spirit when I switch from one shade to another, but once a week, I love giving them a bath by using baby shampoo and my Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove. I then use my brush tree so that they hang upside down and just let the water drain from inside the brushes.
I'd say I would give these brushes an 8/10. I haven't tried the other brushes for the eyes and I bet it would still do the job real well, but just like any other new makeup tool, it takes some getting used to. But overall, I think that was money well spent.

And since I was in a giving mood when I purchased these brushes online, I got TWO oval makeup brush sets to giveaway to TWO LUCKY COMMENTERS OF THE MONTH, each worth $40.
Joining the giveaway is easy! Just follow the mechanics below and you get the chance of winning one of these makeup brush sets! Only BLACK is available so please do not request for the metallic old rose ones. Those are mine! Hehehe...


The SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER Reader/Commenter of the Month 2016 will win this Oval Makeup Brush Set!

1 (one) winner will receive one of these sets that is worth $40 (about Php 1,899 each) and you can get it for free! So, mechanics are quite simple! I'll pick two (2) lucky reader/commenters from my blog. He/She must be able to leave wonderful and insightful comments, share my blog posts in their social medias, and leave valuable tips for others in light of the corresponding blog post.

It can be as simple as a "Nice Post!" comment, or maybe ask some good beauty advices (I love "ask me" questions). One of the biggest criteria for "judging" is how often you post comments or share links to your social medias providing a TAG or a link to my FB Like Page, Twitter, Instagram, etc. not only when there is a contest or giveaway! Consistency is a plus. You can post comments on any blog posts either in the past, present, or future posts at!

*Residents of the Philippines only. Provincial residents can join!
Remember, I looooove quality versus quantity! Here are some more tips to increase your chances of winning!
  • Like the Makeup Maven Philippines Facebook Page! This is worth a lot of beauty/pogi points!
  • Have you added @themakeupmaven in Instagram and @sabshernandez on Twitter? Follow these accounts to get more points!
  • Like my FB Page! Leave me comments about my BEAUTY BLOG POSTS and share them in your page.
  • Do you have me in your Google Circle? Add me up!
  • Participants should always be visible, and not just a fair-weathered commenter. She/He should be an avid reader of The Makeup-Maven, and not just because there is a contest *wink* -It's just just fair to those who are TMM fans, don't you think? :) I have someone who tallies everyone's TMM contributions so best be always visible even without giveaways! Well, at least try :)
  • Make yourself visible by commenting and sharing my posts and don't forget to tag me!
  • I love seeing my GFC readers numbers go up, maybe add me or recommend me to a friend?
  • Have I ever saved you from a beauty faux pas? How about sharing them in the blog posts?
  • Are you a YouTube addict? Maybe watch and comment on a few of my videos. Probably subscribe too!
  • Contest will end on October 31, 2016 and the winner will be announced on November 1, 2016!
  • Don't worry about shipping because shipping is on me!

Tagging me and leaving useful comments increase your visibility so comment away! Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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