Give your skin a little "EXTRA" with Bobbi Brown Extra Treatment Lotion and Face Oil

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Hey ladies! Remember a while back when I attended the Bobbi Brown Summer Collection 2016 event? At the event, Bobbi Brown's makeup trainer Tamara Pineda did a demo on how to use the skin foundation cushion compact, but first she prepped the model's face with Extra Treatment Lotion and Face Oil. The skin really did look more plump and more hydrated making the foundation look like second skin.

These, my friends, are the Bobbi Brown Extra Treatment Lotion and the Face Oil. I always feel a little funny talking about Bobbi Brown skincare because the brand never ceases to amaze me with the results that their skin care gives, since most of us associates Bobbi Brown makeup. I can’t say that I have other products from the Extra skincare range, but I do like this Treatment Lotion and Face Oil.
Bobbi Brown Extra Treatment Lotion and Extra Face Oil

I have always found Bobbi Brown products expensive, but their stuff is always top notch. My current faves from the brand? Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Cushion Compact, Art Sticks, Face Touch Upstick, and Skin Foundation... And it looks like that these duo will soon be a fave too!
Bobbi Brown Extra Treatment Lotion, PhP 3,750
So, are you familiar with the concept of a treatment lotion yet? In a nutshell, this is that extra step in your already complicated skincare routine (if you're anything like me about skin care) that may have you sometimes wondering if it's really worth the time and the hassle. It's not a toner, a toner would help you rid of extra residue of whatever is still there deep beneath your skin that was not removed by a cleanser. Think of treatment lotions as a liquid product that infuses your skin with hydration and helps boost whatever skincare goes on top of it.

If you would like to add a treatment lotion to your skin care regimen, I would recommend doing it this way: CLEANSER - TONER - TREATMENT - SERUM - EYE CREAM - OIL - MOISTURIZER. If you are suffering from dry skin, I would recommend this. You don't have to have all these products in your regimen, it's just the order that I would recommend if you did do all these steps.
I wouldn’t use this on its own though even if it does make your skin feel so nice, supple and hydrated because it is not a moisturiser. It’s far too light, and it isn’t meant to function that way. Skincare, especially for a hydrating routine, works best when sandwiched and layered so use thin layers of different products and your skin will feel and look a lot better!

I love the smell. It smells so refreshing and it doesn't smell artificial at all!
I've seen some women apply this treatment lotion using their hands. But I personally like using a cotton pad. Although I have found that applying solely with your hands could save you more product because none of it would ends up in the cotton pad.

Unlike the last two treatment lotions that I have tried: Shiseido Ibuki Softening Concentrate, and Estee Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion, the key function of the Bobbi Brown Extra Treatment Lotion is that it provides a boost of hydration making your skin feel more hydrated, supple and looking better. It doesn't promise that you’ll see clearer skin or that it repairs anything in your skin. What it does is deliver a boost of hydration and helps skin stay hydrated.
Extra Face Oil is part of the Extra Repair line, designed for those with dry to severely dry skin or anyone who wants something "EXTRA" specially when their skin is parched.

Extra Face Oil contains four carrier plant oils in the form of Olive, Sesame, Sweet Almond and Jojoba, along with Tocepherol (Vitamin E) and then four essential oils, Neroli, Patchouli, Lavender and Sandalwood.
Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil, PhP 3,950
If you are a skin care junkie like me, you would't mind paying the price for a really nice face oil that can instantly boost your skin's moisture. The face oil is housed in this luxurious glass packaging, which, by the way, is a little bit tricky when travelling. You have to really make sure the top is screwed on properly otherwise this will spill. I only wish their packaging came with a dropper though.
The fragrance may be a bit of a problem for some, because it has a really strong smell of the essential oils. Although natural, some people don't like strong smells. But for me? It's not a problem.

At first, I had a little bit of a hard time getting product from this kind of packaging because I wasn't sure if you are supposed to pour product into your hand or something. But after a few YouTube videos, I learned that you just have to tilt the bottle while the cap is on and you dip your finger on the rim of the bottle. Just make sure your hands are clean before dipping your finger though.
A little goes a long way! Just a few drops is enough to cover your entire face. You just put some product on the tips of your fingers, and spread on both your hands and press the product on your face. The warmth of your fingers will "melt" the product into your skin making it absorb a little better and faster.

I love using the extra product on my cuticles after applying it on my face. It instantly moisturizes my cuticles!
This is me with zero makeup on my face. Excuse the dry lips, I have been suffering from really dry and flaky lips lately! Hahaha!

In conclusion, I find that this pair of Bobbi Brown Extras really helped my skin restore the glow that it lost. I have been suffering from extremely dry skin lately because of the pregnancy, but I found that having to add these duo to my skin care regimen has boosted my skin care giving my skin a healthy and plump appearance.
What I love about the duo is that you can use them under makeup without your skin feeling greasy. Some facial oils have a lingering oily residue, but not this one. Definitely A++ in my book, I will recommend this for women who long for natural looking, glowing skin!

Do you have a favorite from Bobbi Brown? What is it?

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