My thoughts on K-Palette's Shadow Liners (Review+Swatches)

Monday, September 26, 2016


On of my most challenges, even as a makeup artist is putting on eyeshadow on myself. So convenience is always key. I can always put on eyeshadow on clients, but never on myself. I think it's my eye shape that challenges me the most.

So I would always opt for eyeshadows that required minimal blending and that I can use my fingers to blend. I love how convenient Canmake cream eyeshadows are, and so are the Maybelline Color Tattoos.

My go-to brand for eyebrows released their new product that combines an eyeshadow on one end and an eyeliner on the other end.

K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Essence In Shadow Liner, PhP 950 each

I don't have the boxes anymore though because I was rushing one time and I just couldn't wait to take photos of it.

Makeup is getting more and more convenient to bring around nowadays because of the innovations and the packaging. I used to bring up to 3 eyeshadows in my cosmetic case and some brushes too, but now I just bring two of these and I can create a look already!
 On one end, it's an eyeliner...
And on the other end is their eyeshadow with a soft sponge tip applicator type similar to their Lasting 2Way Eyebrow.
The Shadow Liners come in 4 shades. You can use them with each other of use them alone. I used 3 shades for my look below. I used 1, 2, and 3. A friend of mine loves using the sparkle shades on the inner corners of her eyes.
Before applying, I used an eyeshadow primer that would make the eyeshadow color pop out and last longer, I used Benefit Air Patrol. I love how this product really made the eyeshadow last and actually made the color bolder.

1. APPLY your base eyeshadow. I used #2 as my base eyeshadow.
 2. BLEND the edges of the eyeshadow that you have just applied. Careful not to over blend because you might end up with nothing left on your lids. So with just light strokes, blend the edges with a brush. You can use your fingers too but some of you might find that too messy.
3. HIGHLIGHT your brow bones. I used shade #3 to highlight my brow bones and used my finger to blend the twi shadows together.
4. LINE your lash lines and with a brown eyeliner. Use a dark shade of brown to blend that liner. I used the #1 shade. Apply the dark shade also on the out corners of your eyes and blend again with your fingers to make the look soft. Finish by using the liquid liner to define your lash lines with a little flick on the end.
Voila! Here is my day time look! I love how this look is a little bit on the smokey side but still works out for a daytime look. You can wear a bit of smokey eye during the day as long as you keep it lighter and use earth and neutral shades. Avoid wearing black eyeshadow and a really heavy smokey eye during the day.
On my face: Happy Skin Don't Get Mad, Get Even Hydrating Liquid Foundation in Soft Beige, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium, K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow PencilCanmake Glow Fleur Cheeks 05, Pink Sugar Sugar Tints in Queen Bee.

I definitely give the K-Palette Shadow Liners a 5-star in my book. Definitely a convenient product for ladies who do not know how to apply shadow. I would recommend these to women who would want to wear eyeshadow but do not know anything about contouring, highlighting, or blending!

What is your most idiot-proof makeup that you use everyday?

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  1. Eyeshadow is really my makeup challenge! It's something that I am too scared to try out. Anyway, I'm still perfecting my skillz~ and I would love to have this in my collection for idiot-proof application!

    1. This is a fun way to learn putting on eyeshadow! Just minimum blending required too and you get pro-worthy eyeshadow every time!

  2. i had the #01 ang cute i love kpalette


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