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Monday, September 26, 2016


Hello ladies! I was supposed to post this last Friday but I have been in bed all of last week with the flu! Ugh! But now I'm finally better!

I guess one of the reasons why my hair hardly gets hair fall is because I do not shampoo my hair everyday. I have always had this impression that over shampooing the hair can cause the roots to weaken. Shampoo traps oils, so if you do it too frequently, you may dry your hair out, leaving it prone to breakage. And we don't want that! So as much as possible, I try to avoid shampooing my hair too often.

I know of some people who shampoo and condition their hair twice a day because they can't stand the sweat and the oil (and the smell) at the end of the day. I can't too, and that's why I always have dry shampoo in my bathroom so that it freshens up my hair and my scalp without risking my hair and scalp to dry out.

Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo 100ml, PhP 200
Since there are hardly any good dry shampoos in the market today, I would have to have some shipped from the states and they can get quite expensive.

I would spend an average of 700-1200 for dry shampoos, and more money for shipping. Until it got quite expensive for me so I started using baby powder sometimes. But that one can cause build up in my hair and it leaves a gross white residue on my scalp which is really unattractive, plus, it does nothing for the smell too.

I stumbled upon Hair Fairy by accident. I was posting something on my Instagram account when my finger accidentally clicked on the hashtag #blogger. Then that's when I saw a photo of a blogger holding a can of Hair Fairy.
I clicked on the photo and learned that it is actually made in the Philippines! I loooove their packaging. Their cute and uber girly packaging looks like something Etude House would come up with.

So I got in touch with the seller of the Instagram account @bargainstudioph, and ordered myself a can of Hair Fairy. Bargain Studio PH is actually the owner and the official distributor of Hair Fairy. They are very easy to get in touch with, they reply right away and they ship fast too! Depending on what time you order and how fast you pay, but for me, I received my dry shampoo the day after I ordered and paid.

Hair Fairy is also available in BeautyMNL for PhP 330.
Hair Fairy comes in an aerosol can that sprays continuously while you whip your hair around so that you can be sure to get in between every nook and cranny. It has a very soft trigger spray and you don't have to apply too much pressure.
Their packaging pretty much explains how to use their product, and it's pretty clear too! It's very straight to the point, and no fancy terminologies and stuff. It's just really cute.
Their ingredients list is pretty short, and it makes me feel confident that it does not contain any harsh chemicals that is harmful to use and for the environment as well. So it makes a good product to use for pregnant women! Yay!
This is me with 4-day old hair, being in bed down with the flu. I avoided washing my hair so that I can really test this dry shampoo, so here it is. My 4-day old, greasy looking hair!
Following the instructions on the can, I sprayed my hair at the roots in short bursts of sprays and sprayed a few spritzes on the strands to absorb some of the oil.

It has a very refreshing floral fruity fragrance that does not smell sickly sweet. The fragrance lingers the whole day, and you won't smell a trace of days-old unwashed hair when you use the Hair Fairy. I guess the only down fall is that it smells too girly for men to use. Maybe they can come up with a version for men?
I also flipped my hair and made sure I got the back and the the roots underneath too! It really smells wonderful on the hair. I love how the smell didn't make me dizzy as some fruity floral fragrances would!
I lightly massaged my scalp to better spread the dry shampoo on my scalp and let my hair to dry naturally and let it absorb the oil on my hair and scalp.
I used Hair Fairy twice already and it really does the job well. Do not expect it to give you lots of volume though, but do expect it to give you a feeling of freshly shampooed hair. My scalp feels really light and it can go on an extra day (or two) without shampooing!

This is the perfect product for men and women who always find themselves rushing out the door. If you do not have the time to wash your hair, then this is the product to use. I am really impressed how Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo does the job well. This will be most specially helpful after I give birth, and have no time to wash my hair!
The Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo is perfect for masking old hair! I love how not only does it mask the oily head smell, but it also removes the heavy greasy feeling on the scalp which is the most important thing for me. The strands of the hair does not feel dry at all after using Hair Fairy! The hair actually feels light!

So, would you like to try this dry shampoo yourself? The people behind Hair Fairy is giving away 2 (two) cans of Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo for free! Do check out how you can win a bottle:


  • Giveaway is open to residents of the Philippines only (Metro Manila or Provincial).
  • Winner will be announced tomorrow on October 30, 2016.
  • There will be 2 winners: Each winner will receive (1) One can of Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo which will be chosen in random using Rafflecopter.
  • For the winners, you have to provide us your complete email address, phone number and address so we can contact you and have the gift pack shipped to you. No meet ups or pick ups.
  • Shipping will be shouldered by the winner. A fee PhP 70 shipping fee (within MM) and PhP 110 (for provincial)  should be deposited to my personal account which will be provided together with the notification email.
  • Winner will be notified via FB announcement in Sabs Hernandez's Fan Page,  or on Sabs' Instagram Page and an email will be sent to the email address you provided (by commenting below!) so make sure that it is valid and that you check your email and FB Page regularly starting on October 30, 2016. NO ALIASES PLEASE. FULL NAME ENTRY ONLY.
  • The winner who does not respond to the email in 3 days from the time of the sent email, a new winner will be picked from the pool and be notified immediately via email.
  • BEFORE YOU JOIN, please make sure that you are very diligent in checking your email for the notification email that you have won. We WILL NOT constantly remind the winners that they have won. So make sure that you will check your email or Facebook and check if you indeed have been chosen as a winner on the day of the draw. -DO check your SPAM or your TRASH folder to be sure the email did not end up there.
  • After you have responded to the notification email that you have won, you have 3 DAYS to make a deposit so we can ship your item ASAP. Winnings not claimed after 3 days will be raffled off to someone else.
  • Once the winner is notified, the winner should provide a scan or photo of PROOF OF IDENTITY (Picture ID) that you in fact exist.
  • Please do not flood my email asking if a winner has been picked already or if I have received your email. Winners will be announced on The Makeup Maven's Fan Page and at after October 30, or via email. I will reply to you as soon as I can. Please just be patient.
  • Those who follow and will eventually unfollow TMM's Social Media accounts, and then follow again just to get points will be disqualified.
  • Sweeties, please play fair. Some participants would unfollow and re-follow in Instagram, FB, Twitter, Google+, or GFC just to earn more points. If you are already a follower, please skip that entry. Violators will be disqualified (and that would be a bummer on both our ends) Thanks! You're awesome ;) Thanks for reading gorgeous friends! Good luck and let's all just have fun! (Please be patient... Rafflecopter may take a few seconds to load...)

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