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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

There's nothing more than I despise than fake looking eyebrows. I have been blessed with a lush and full brow that having to groom them is almost a pain in the butt. But I do believe that having natural-looking eyebrow is key.

You do not need to be another clone of Kim Kardashian by over using that eyebrow product, instead -opt for brow products that would give you the most natural looking brow that you can possibly achieve.

When I do makeup for brides and some other clients, I am always complemented on how I make the brows look natural, and not tattoo looking or as if it were drawn on. What makes me achieve this is using the right tools, and one of them is Benefit. Remember my eyebrow post on some of Benefit's Eyebrow products 2 years ago? Who can ever forget Browzings?
Benefit Brow Collection

This year, Benefit launches a more intensive and massive eyebrow product collection that will make brow-obsessed ladies around the world fall over. And this time around, they decided to go all out, not only re-formulating many of their most-loved and best-selling products, but also adding new shades and introducing entirely new shades and colors to the collection, catering to more skin tones and hair colors.

They’ve also pimped-up the packaging. Having posted a picture of the collection on my Instagram account a while back, I think the packaging is so chic, and I personally love it but think some people might not like the change. I most especially love the packaging of the brow pencils, they’ve weighted everything really nicely so that they feel balanced to hold, also making the pencils long and slim, therefore easier to use.
Precisely, My Brow Pencil

This is shade number #3. I received this at the press event, and I think the shade is perfect for my hair color and my skin tone. I have always loved adding highlights to my hair so this matches my hair perfectly. You'll see in a little bit.
I love how the pencil is not too soft like some brow pencils are, where you end up with waaaay too much product on your brows looking like you used a kohl pencil instead of a brow pencil. It makes mimicking brow hairs easy so brows look really natural, and not at all drawn on.
‘Browvo!’ Brow Primer 
This is the one product in the range that excited me the most, where Benefit shared my excitement with. This brow primer is a great idea for me, making the brow products easier to apply and helping your brows to grow thicker and appear healthier thanks to the addition of keratin and soy protein which most women really need now a days. 

I think that this is perfect for women who would like for the brows to stay put all day, and at the same time, treat their brows for them to grow thicker in time.
You just twist it up one or two times and a small amount of gel appears on the silicone tip. Mind you, you only need a little product because using too much can result to a crunchy eyebrow. So just be sure to use a little. Then you brush over your brows following the natural flow of the hair and let it set, and carry on with your brow routine. This really helps product adhere to the skin which is especially important for those of us with sparse and bare patches!
One of the best things about the collection? The tweezers!! It now includes a brow brush at the other end, plus it is precise that it can pull out even the shortest of stubbles. To be quite honest? It's really at par with Shu Uemura's tweezers which is really a staple for brow lovers.
Here is a photo of my brows before applying anything on them. I am one lucky lady that I have full brows. But I still love doing them anyway! I love how it looks when they look really polished and groomed. Very put together.
I apply the Browvo Brow Primer on my brows and I fan myself for it to dry. It won't take long don't worry, so you won't need an extra 15 minutes or so on your makeup routine.
I then lightly draw on my brows and fill them up with the Precisely, My Brow Pencil making sure that I do not over do it. It looks very natural on my face and it does not look tattooed at all.
It's easily blendable as well but it stays put once it's set. You can now have natural looking brows with Benefit! Aside from K-Palette 2 Way Eyebrow Pencil, Benefit Eyebrow Product is my go-to brand for perfectly groomed brows, for me personally, or my clients!

I also love using these new products with the other Benefit Brow products like Brow Zings, Gimme Brow, and High Brow!
So, have you seen Benefit's new BROW collection yet? Which one is your fave? Would love to know!

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