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Monday, September 19, 2016


After you see these liquid velvet matte lipsticks from Pink Sugar, you'll be saying, "Kylie who?" I never found the appeal of Kylie's lipsticks because I knew that there are good local brands in the market now that offer the same lippies that are equally good, and one of these brands is Pink Sugar. The newly released Sugar Tint shades include: Code Red, Vampy Vixen, Queen Bee, Honey Bunny, and Naughty Nude are the ones that resemble Kylie Jenner's collection the most.

Ever since Pink Sugar launched last year, I have been hooked to the brand. They offer so much great products at a very reasonable price, and their products are of good quality. Their Sweet Cheeks blush range is to die for, and there's one for every skin tone.
Pink Sugar Sugar Tints, PhP 349/ each

The Pink Sugar Sugar Tints are only PhP 349 each. It's really affordable and the quality is just top notch. These lip and cheek tints do not disappoint.
When I say original shades, I only mean that these shades were the five shades that were originally launched with the brand last year.
To be quite honest, I have never tried these on my cheeks even though it's a Lip and Cheek tint. Plus, it's so pigmented for it to be labeled as a tint. So if you're looking for a stain kind of finish like the lip and cheek tint from The Body Shop, then these Sugar Tints might not be for you.

It has a very creamy, and velvet-like texture that you can apply on top of powder, and you don't have to worry about disturbing your base.
Depending on the shade, I found that some are harder to apply on the lips than the others. I don't know if that's just on my lips or if others experienced this as well. I found that the darker, and the more pigmented the shades are, they are harder to apply.

If you are looking to buy your first ever Sugar Tint, I will go with the lightest shades first, and bring a pack of makeup remover wipes with you because you can't just wipe them off with regular tissue!
It's really thrilling for me that Pink Sugar has decided to release neutral shades for the ones that are not too brave to be wearing too bold or loud colors. People who go to the office would want a more subdued shade, and now they can finally choose from 5 beautiful neutral shades!
Made from the same formula as the originally launched shades, these will surely be the best selling ones from the range. I myself personally love these shades, specially Vampy Vixen and Queen Bee.
The Sugar Tints are really long wearing too! They adhere really well on the lips and they're pretty much transfer proof once they set on the lips. Here's a shot of me trying to remove the swatches from my hand using Bioré's Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets. Considering that these wipes can easily remove makeup with one swipe, the lippies won't budge!
Each Sugar Tint lippie has an angled velour tip applicator. The formula has a smooth velvet texture that glides on easily on the surface of your lips. They're pretty pigmented, but if you want it thicker, you can layer them for a more bold color.

Some of the darker shades are a little patchy when you apply it, but you can layer them on. Just apply a single layer on your lips, let it set for about 15 seconds and apply the second layer. You'll find it bolder and more solid in color.
I suggest exfoliating the lips and moisturizing like crazy the night before if you wear these lippies. Because just like any other matte lipsticks, they emphasize flaky lips. So excuse some of the photos where my lips have flakes in them because I had to swatch all the lippies and the cleansing wipes have caused my lips to dry already!

So here's the Pink Sugar Sugar Tint's actual swatches on my lips.

Pink Paradise is my one of my favorite shades from the original shades that were launched. I am a bright/bold lipstick kind of gal that's why this shade really captured my attention! It's a scene stealer!
This is my second favorite, the purple shade that I tried out in the launch and just fell in love with it!
Photo of me at Pink Sugar's Launch last year, wearing Purple Passion Sugar Tint
This deep red/wine shade is one of my favorites. The photo doesn't do justice to the shade but it's actually a very nice shade of plum.
By the time I had to do the last swatch on my lips, my natural lip line has already stained with layers of different lippies! But I am still able to show this lightest nude shade from the collection which is Naughty Nude.

I myself am not a fan of skin-like lippie shades unless when doing a really heavy smokey eye. But I think a lot of Kylie Jenner fans out there will be sporting this lippie sooner or later. And the formula is awesome too!
Here is a photo of me fully made up ready to go to my doctor's appointment wearing QUEEN BEE. I think this is my most favorite shade from all the lippies that Sugar Tints have. It's perfect for day and you can wear it for the evening too!

I find that Sugar Tints are moisturizing on the lips. If your lips appear flaky when you apply the product, then this is not caused by the product. As all matte lippies go, dry lips are more emphasized so as I have mentioned earlier in this post, I suggest exfoliating the lips first with a lip scrub like Ellana's Strawberry Vanilla Lip Scrub, or you can actually make your own lip scrub.
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  1. They look really great! definitely check them out :)

  2. If you haven't already, please review their brow gel! I'd love to know about products that give me kilay fleek-age, lol.


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