CARGO Cosmetics launches in Manila!

Monday, October 03, 2016


Makeup fans in the Metro are thrilled that Canadian makeup brand Cargo Cosmetics is now finally in Manila!

For 20 years, Cargo Cosmetics has been a staple on sets for TV and film, as well as in the makeup bags of women world wide. Cargo also has built a big loyal following among makeup artists worldwide because of their uncompromised product quality.

Cargo Cosmetics now available in BeautyBar

I was really lucky to have been invited to the launch of Cargo because I have been a fan of Cargo when I first started in the makeup industry. But it was so hard for me to get my hands on their products because it wasn't available here! And now, the long wait is over!

The launch was held in FIG restaurant in Kalayaan. It was my first time there too and was surprised how good their food was... The desserts though, not so much.
Cargo consults and listens to the needs of makeup professionals as well as consumers and take their "secret tips" and turns them into better, easier and smarter products.

They have also acquired a multitude of award-winning products, and never before seen packaging and their formulas are unparalleled. Cargo cosmetics has always been at the forefront of beauty technology.
I really loved the theme of the event too. It was a travel-themed event where our passport holders are personalized with our initials, and then we get to go around the world learning about the different Cargo lines, and how to wear them!
I have always loved the packaging of Cargo cosmetics. Those tin cans are just the bomb! I love how playful and yet professional they look. It's really amazing how Cargo is finally available here in the Philippines!
At the event, our host Bianca Valerio gives us a background on Cargo, and she really got us excited about what Cargo had in store for us!
My friend and our host, Bianca Valerio
Bianca and makeup artist to the stars, Jake Galvez talk about Cargo Cosmetics and their best sellers.
At the event, Jake does several makeup demos for the different lines of makeup that Cargo has: Cargo Cosmetics, Cargo HD Collection, Cargo Swimmables Collection.
This is the HD Collection. I am really excited to try their powders though since I am not into liquid makeup of any kind now a days because of the humidity!

Their HD line offers a finish that is less makeup, but more coverage!
 These are some palettes part of their main cosmetics line. For the non-pros to enjoy!
These products are from the Cargo Swimmables. And as the name suggests, you can literally swim wearing these products!
I am not one to wear makeup in a pool party or at the beach, but I do sweat a lot lately. So waterproof makeup is always welcome!

The best news for makeup artists? These are perfect for brides who will be crying buckets on their wedding day!
So, without further ado, here are some products from Cargo!

Cargo Beach Blush, PhP 1,450 each
Cargo Boundless Lashes, PhP 1,350
Cargo Contour Kit, PhP 1,850
Cargo Bordeaux Essential Lip Color, PhP 1,050
Cargo Contour Eye Palette, PhP 2,150 each
Cargo Liquid Foundation (Available in 11 different shades), PhP 1,850
Cargo Magic Brush, PhP 1,850
Cargo Swimmables Lip Liners (available in different shades), PhP 895
Cargo Swimmables Eye Pencil (different shades available), PhP 850
Cargo Swimmables Bronzer (shades available), PhP 1,350
Cargo Swimmables Blush (shades available), PhP 1,250
Cargo Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 20 (available in three shades), PhP 1,750
Cargo Concealer, PhP 1,350
Cargo Eye Shadow Primer, PhP 995

Cargo Lip Primer, PhP 995
Cargo HD Mattifier, PhP 1,450
Cargo HD Liquid Foundation (shades available), PhP 1,850
Cargo HD Pressed Powder (four shades available), PhP 1,750

Have you heard of Cargo Cosmetics before? What is your fave product from Cargo, or what are you most excited to try?

Leave a comment, and you just might 

Visit Cargo Cosmetics for more product info and availabilty

Cargo Cosmetics is available exclusively at BeautyBar.

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  1. I was at BeautyBar Gateway this weekend and didn't see Cargo :(

    1. Hmm... It was just launched yesterday, so maybe it will be in BB Gateway within the month? :) I will make sure and get back to you!


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