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Saturday, October 01, 2016


Hey Maven-ers! It's been a while since I last posted something for #sundayfoodie! It's not that I am on a diet or anything (some of you will LOL on this), it's just been crazy busy lately trying to manage a toddler at home and another one on the way!

I have a love for Japanese food and most specially for ramen. Specially now that I am pregnant, Japanese food is the only one that can most of the time satisfy my taste buds.

Anyway, a few months back, Raul and I finally got to eat in Takashi Restaurant. A quaint authentic Japanese restaurant (with a touch of modern twist) owned by one of my good friends since college, Erns Reynoso Gala. When he told me that he opened a restaurant, it was about time because man, the dude can cook, and he knows good food too!

Not to mention, his family (I'm sure you recognize the name) runs and owns one of the best culinary schools in the Philippines.

So this branch we ate in is located in Pioneer in Pasig City, and has since opened a new branch in Salcedo Village which is the best news I have ever heard because it is walking distance from my parents' house where I am staying temporarily. More on that later.
Takashi Restaurant, Pioneer Pasig City

Located at the heart of Pioneer, Takashi is very accessible and they have abundant parking. It's an outdoor parking area so you can park as near the restaurant as you wish. Depending on the hour you visit though because there is a rush hour. Hubby and I made sure we got there before noon on a Sunday too.
Takashi is a no frills restaurant. It has great and adequate lighting, very clean, and they have great food. The most important thing I look for when dining in a restaurant is great service, and Takashi has that too.
Ambiance is very cozy, they have comfortable enough chairs that you can stay and hang out if you are dining with your friends or your family. It does not have that fast food feel, because it's far from being like a Tokyo Tokyo or Yoshinoya. Takashi restaurant is not a fast food restaurant. It is a casual dine-in Japanese restaurant with reasonably priced menu food items. Something you and your family could enjoy on Sundays after going to mass.

A place where Japanese food lovers can go to and enjoy awesome authentic food that is, at the same time, yuppie-friendly.
Here is a little background on Chef Takashi, the Japanese chef that the restaurant is named after. I would have loved to have met him when we dined there but he wasn't there.

Oh! GalaStars Culinary School offers Japanese food cooking lessons with Chef Takashi! Do check out their FB Page to know the schedule. He teaches how to make ramen! This is actually one of my to-dos after giving birth.
My friend, Chef Erns who owns Takashi Restaurant also teaches in their culinary school. I took an Italian Food cooking class with him last year and I plan to have more sessions with him. Now I can make fresh and authentic pizza anytime I want from scratch.
Chef Erns Reynoso Gala, Photo taken from Facebook
Going back to Takashi -their menu is pretty straight up. It has photos so I definitely give that a two thumbs up. I don't like reading menus like I would a novel where I have to use my imagination. I must admit, most of the time I order food based on the photo.

I'm a kid like that.

One of the reasons why Raul and I decided to eat at Takashi is because way before I found out that this restaurant is owned by my friend, I have heard lots of good reviews on their ramen. And Raul and I being ramen people, it was in our list of must-try places.
Their ramen menu is pretty basic just like how you would see it in specialty ramen shops. I don't like Japanese restaurants that have a fancy ramen menu, but this one is legit. Just how you would see it in Japan. You can add on extra stuff on your ramen like tamago, bean sprouts, extra noodles and more (galore!)
In spite of the ramen choices, there was only one ramen for me though. The Black Garlic Shoyu Ramen.
I am also a Chirashi Sushi kind of girl, so ordering this and the black ramen was a toss up. I wanted to order both but I could feel Raul judging me from across the table.

I will definitely order this on my next visit, which is very soon I imagine.
They have specialty stuff on the menu which include the Karaage Curry with a bunny shaped rice.
.... and their Panda Sushis are just too Kawaii for me to handle!
Every month they have new stuff on the menu which is perfect for yuppies too who constantly have to eat out. They have something new to look forward to every month.
Now this spicy tuna sashimi is my favorite. I think I love it more than the ramen, well, not really but you know what I mean. I love how it has that slightly "curry" taste which I cannot identify what ingredient it is!

Talking about it now makes me want to run to Takashi and eat just this. We ordered two of these because I didn't want to share mine with Raul. But I also ate half of his order. (Erns, please tell me what that spice is? LOL)
I am addicted to Ramen Nagi's Black King, so I had to try Takashi's. It's not as heavy and as rich as the one of Nagi's, but the taste is pretty much close to each other. Takashi has a more authentic seafood, squid ink taste than the one of Nagi's, which tastes more like their special sauce than squid ink.

Takashi is less likely to give you a light headed feeling from the richness, so if you are not so much into the thickness, Takashi's is the way to go. Although I am yet to update this post and ask if this Black Ramen is still available because I know this was in their limited edition menu.
Raul opted for a more basic, and classic ramen which is the Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen. This one too has a lightness to it, but the authenticity of ramen is there. I love how "al dente" the noodles are, and that one makes a good ramen for me too, when the noodles are so chewy!

It's filling, but you won't get dizzy from the richness of the broth. A bowl will definitely fill you up good.
We ordered the gyoza too. Of course, there's more than 3 pieces per order but I had to take a photo of it this way because I already ate most of it before realizing I haven't taken a photo yet. That usually happens when I get overly excited about eating. LOL

I love how slightly crispy the shell of the gyoza is and how creamy and soft the inside is. I don't like it when the gyoza gets all soggy, and how re-heated it looks. These ones from Takashi is freshly made each time.
I totally enjoyed my dining experience in Takashi, and it is one of my go-to places for Japanese food if I want the authenticity but has a very reasonable price range.

UPDATE (October 2, 2016)
New food items added to their menu this month! I am excited to try the Assorted Sashimi and the Wagyu Saikoro Steak with Wagyu Chahan! How about you?


  • Comfortable seats!
  • Tables are not placed so close together.
  • Place is well lit and not loud. It's actually quite cozy!
  • Food is excellent! Everything is prepared to perfection.
  • Food is prepared fresh and served fast.
  • Wonderful flavor combinations.
  • Great location with easy parking.
  • Staff are very friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous. And did I mention well-spoken?
  • Clean facility! Well kept restrooms.
  • Kid friendly. Family friendly.
  • No loud music! Yay!
  • Menu is not too complicated. Great food description (with photos!).
  • Affordable! Reasonably priced.

  • Umm... Nothing!

Will I visit again? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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Pioneer Center, 8006 Pioneer St cor United and Brixton St, Kapitolyo, Pasig
M-Su: 11:30AM-10PM

(0905) 510-9554

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  1. We share the same love for Japanese food. I love ramen and I hope to visit this restaurant soon. I don't always comment but I'm your reader/follower since 2013. I love your blog..

    1. Wow! Thank you very much for the support! As long as you keep reading, I will keep writing! I do hope you visit this restaurant soon, their Spicy Salmon Sashimi is just L♥VE. Hehehe... God bless!

  2. Nice place and the food looks great :)


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