Eyebrow Week Part 2 Day 1: Browhaus Classic Brow Lead Pencil

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Hey ladies! Welcome to EYEBROW WEEK Part 2!

In case you missed the last Eyebrow Week, you can view them here: Day 1: Snoe, Day 2: Benefit, Day 3: Pixi, Day 4: Shu Uemura, Day 5: Eye of Horus, Day 6: K-Palette, and Day 7: Kryolan. Because brow products are so popular now a days, I have decided to have another week talking about eyebrow products! I am so happy that a lot of brands are coming up with their own version of eyebrow products, so now now we have more choices!

Popular brow salon, Brow Haus has launched their makeup line and it's for the win. Browhaus was my brow salon of choice for brides when I was still doing weddings. I loved how they do not over pluck, thread, or wax the brows. They just groom the brows which makes the brows look really natural, and it's really easy for me to fill with product when their big day arrives.

Browhaus has been around for a while now in Manila, but I have not yet been able to try out their service personally. I plan to one day though.

Browhaus Classic Brow Lead Pencils, PhP 648 each
Early this year, Brow Haus launched their makeup line and it's just to die for. One of the best in the collection are the brow pencils (what else?)

I received 3 shades of the Brow Lead Pencils: Soft Brown, Asphalt, and Blonde. Now women who have their brows done at Brow Haus can get their brow grooming products from their store too!
The pencils have a medium-hard tip that might require a bit of layering when doing your eyebrows, and that's when I broke off one of the tips of the pencil when I applied too much pressure while swatching. That is actually a good thing because I don't like eyebrow pencils that apply like a kohl pencil. You end up with fake looking eyebrows. So it's always better to layer on the product, and create hair-like strokes to fill in sparse eyebrows.

One side of the pencil contains the product, and the other side contains the spoolie. You can use the spoolie to blend out the product to make the eyebrows look natural.
As I mentioned earlier, applied too much pressure on my hand while swatching so I broke the tip off. The sharpener that comes with each pencil is pretty sharp, so you don't need to twist the pencil too much to get the pencil to sharpen, so that's a plus for me.
Soft Brown is ideal for women with dark hair like me. Actually I have blond highlights but I have a re-growth now that makes my hair look dark so Soft Brown is perfect for me. Asphalt has a slightly reddish-brown hue (but still perfect for light brunettes), and Blonde is their lightest brown shade, perfect for people with really light hair.

You can blend two or more shades to customize a look that looks more 3-dimensional. So if you're used to doing that, these pencils are great for that.
I love my bushy eyebrows. I was blessed with really bushy brows so my brows has never been a problem for me. It can get too bushy sometimes so I have to have them groomed, but most often than not, this is how I wear my brows. I have never really been a fan of having them over plucked and then drawing them back on.

I used the Soft Brown pencil to fill in my brows where hairs are sparse. I then used the spoolie on the other side of the pencil to blend out the brows, and blend out the edges as to avoid harsh lines that will make my brows look drawn on.
I heard some of the bloggers say at the event that this has a creamy texture for an eyebrow product, but in my opinion, I had to layer on the product before I got the intensity that I wanted. Maybe it depends on the user on how much pressure they use in applying the products. So I suggest using a very light hand just in case, or having to test it on your hand first to see how much pressure you should apply.
With regards to lasting power, it does last quite a bit on the brows and can withstand sweat. It won't run or smudge when you accidentally touch your brows.

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Have you tried Brow Haus products before or their service? Tell me more about it!

Leave a comment, and you just might 

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  1. I haven't used an eyebrow pencil yet - I use K-Palette's pen and L'Oreal Brow Artist. But if I had to buy a pencil, this would be it! I love how it's not as creamy as a kohl - I'm very heavy-handed so this might be perfect for me!


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