Eyebrow Week Part 2 Day 3: Measurable Difference Lash & Brow Amplifying Serum + Brow Amplifying Tint & Lift

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

I was blessed with thick eyebrows. When I was younger, it was my problem because it was just too bushy and thick and I just looked like I had one eyebrow like the muppets.

But as I grew older, I realized that I was one of the lucky ones that never had a problem with growing brows. When I would do makeup for brides and other clients, they always complemented on my brows how thick they were and asked me for my secret but I was just born with it. Then comes the questions... How can I make my brows thicker? Does castor oil work? Is tattoo my only option? Is there a product I can apply to stimulate hair growth?

A few years ago I would have advised to just learn and apply product to do their eyebrows. But now, with Measurable Difference now available in Manila, then this is the brand I would recommend.

Last March, I attended the launch of Measurable Difference and learned all about the technology that was put into the serum to stimulate hair growth with each application -not only on your brows but on your lashes as well.

Let me start by talking to you about the Lash & Brow Amplifying Serum.
The Lash & Brow Amplifying Serum is a peptide-infused nourishing and conditioning night treatment which helps promote longer/fuller-looking lashes & brows in 4-6 weeks.
I have been using it on my brows only because I am always putting on false eyelashes anyway and my eyes have always been too sensitive about what I put there. And also, I want to keep my brows healthy and hearty for as long as I could. I noticed after about 3 weeks of use that my brows grew faster and looked healthier -I didn't thick it was possible, but thicker too on some areas where I have over plucked in the past!
Lash and Brow Amplifying Serum, PhP 1,549.75
This serum contains QuSomes which is a patented delivery system which provides higher encapsulation of ingredients and improves absorption. It is also Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist tested and may be used with lash extensions.

I wouldn't recommend sharing this product with anyone specially if you will be using it on your lashes. You have to keep the brush clean to avoid getting eye infections too.
At night, I just brush it on lightly on my brows to keep my brows lush, healthy and thick. Concentrating on the areas I need them the most.
What I love about Measurable Difference is that all of their lash and eyebrow products contain these special and patented ingredients that stimulate hair growth. So with each use of mascara or eyeliner, you are actually applying a serum that would make your lashes longer and thicker in just as little as 4 weeks.

One such product that I like using on my brows is the BROW AMPLIFYING TINT AND LIFT.
Measurable Difference Brow Amplifying Tint and Lift, PhP 519.75
The Brow Amplifying Tint and Lift is a product that takes your thin and sparse brows and helps it to stimulate hair growth and at the same time give them definition when you do your eyebrows for the day, at the same time, it is a serum to help them grow back on their own if you have over plucked your brows. 
It has been labeled as a miracle product many times before. I myself have noticed that my brows grew faster and thicker after 3 weeks of using them. This product is perfect for over-waxed, over-tweezed or naturally skinny brows.
Over time the serum grows the hairs back in and brows will look full again. It is smudge-proof and water-resistant. The ingredient that is infused with this browcara helps to give healthier, fuller looking brows without irritation. The peptide infused formula helps to nourish and condition the brows as well as grow them. It is long-lasting and comes in two shades: Espresso and Caramel
Caramel (L), Espresso (R)
I tried the Caramel color but it was too light gold and shimmery for me. But if you blend it out using a spoolie, then it looks more natural. So when using this product, be careful not to use too much or you might look like C3PO.
Thinning brows is now not a problem because Measurable Difference is not available in Manila! If you are not one to do your own brows every morning, then this Brow Amplifying Tint and Lift is for you.

Because of the high pigment of the product, it will coat the thin and sparse hairs and make your brows look full in an instant! Since my brows are so bushy at times, I use this browcara to keep them in-place.

Need more convincing? Here are some more benefits of their Tint and Lift:

  • Peptide–Infused To Promote Fuller–Looking Brows
  • Easily Helps Define Brows And Frames Eyes
  • Long–Lasting, Smudge–Resistant, Flake–Proof
If you're curious about Measurable Difference's other brow and lash products, gere are just some of them that are available here in Manila:
Measurable Difference Instant Lash Mascara
Measurable Difference Lash Amplifying Liquid Eyeliner
Measurable Difference Lash Amplifying Mascara and Primer 
Here are some photos from the Measurable Difference launch event of me trying on the liquid eyeliner and the Brow Amplifying Tint and Lift in Espresso.
So, if you are looking to making your lashes and your brows look fuller without the option of having to resort to brow microblading, then these are the products for you! Grow your lashes and your brows each time you apply your mascara or your eyeliner!

Have you heard of Measurable Difference before?

Leave a comment, and you just might 

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  1. As per usual, you look beautiful! I am thinking of giving a browcara to my mother, who isn't as #blessed as I am when it comes to eyebrow hair.


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