Eyebrow Week Part 2 Day 5: Benefit Soft and Natural Brows Kit

Thursday, October 06, 2016

I love how Benefit always makes eyebrow grooming so easy. They have all of these tools and kits that gives brow-ginners an easier time in learning by themselves in doing their eyebrows, which is a good thing. When it comes to eyebrows, confidence is key, but some women don't have that. So it's really life saving that Benefit provides us the right tools!

I think most women are intimidated in doing their eyebrows because they're afraid of how it will look, or it might not work out the way they imagined it to be. But with Benefit, their brow products and kits are always idiot-proof. Whether you want A-game brows that looks professionally done, or soft and natural, Benefit would be your one-stop brow shop.

Benefit Soft and Natura Brows Kit, PhP 1,900
If Benefit is known for something, it's definitely their brow products. This whole new kit collection features the long-time favorites of many beauty bloggers (and other mortals) along with new products that focus only on the brows, all in a super sleek new packaging that makes you never want to throw away any empties and just look at them forever.
Benefit is out with three new brow kits for brow-ginners or for women who just want to try different eyebrow looks!
Benefit Defined and Refined Brows Kit, PhP 1,900
Benefit Bigger and Bolder Brows Kit, PhP 1,900
If you're not sure what's the best to get for your brow style, choose the best brow style which speaks to you the most that is more you... or just get all three of these kits that come in the cutest tin boxes and collect them all! Each of them is filled with four products that will help you achieve the desired look that says on the packaging.

When doing eyebrows whether on myself, models, celebrities, brides, or anyone, I always tell them that I have never been a fan of doing Kim Kardashian-esque eyebrows so they better not hope that that's what's going to come out after I finish with their brows. I want the brows to look as natural as possible, and not drawn on. I think achieving that is quite simple with these kits. I can make the brows look bold or defined, but still look very natural.

So when Benefit sent me one of their new brow kits, the Soft and Natural Brows Kit -it was just perfect for my brow style.
Each brow kit only costs a whopping PhP 1,900 each, containing semi full-sized product in a single kit. In my honest opinion, it's definitely worth it.

Take this Soft and Natural Brows kit, it contains shaping stencils, Goof-proof Brow Pencil (PhP 1,400), High Brow Pencil (PhP 1,200), and Ready, Set, Brow! (PhP 1,400) - all for only PhP 1,900! I think it's a freakin' steal! Although I'm sure they are slightly smaller than the full-sized products, but none the less, it's still worth every penny.
The kit comes with a pamphlet, basically it contains a step-by-step illustration on how to create the soft and natural brow.
The kit comes in a tin box that is so cute to hold your little knick knacks when you've finished all your products!
Seriously, I got so excited unboxing this kit because of the oh-so-pretty packaging plus I know how much Benefit looooves eyebrows and how they're making our lives easier so I know their products are always on point.

Plus, you can use the stencils forever too! You just have to take good care of them.
So, what's in the kit? Here's what you will get in the kit to achieve the Soft and Natural Brow!
If you are one to just keep your brows natural but want to keep the hairs in place, you can just apply READY, SET, BROW! which is an invisible setting gel for unruly hairs.
The custom brush features long bristles that evenly coats brow hairs from root to tip and short bristles to sculpt and shape hairs into place. The flexible, flake-free and quick to dry formula applies easily to eyebrows and locks on makeup all day.
And because it's a flat brush with bristles, it kind of acts like a comb for the brow hairs.
This easy-to-use pencil featuring a custom slanted tip that instantly shapes, defines and fills brows—no sharpener required! All you have to do is just twist the end and product will come out!
Designed to fit the angles of your eyebrows, the soft, glide-on colour tip creates naturally full and beautiful brows, while the spoolie end effortlessly blends product for a perfectly polished look. Just use the pointed tip to outline arches and define the brow tail, then fill them in with the wide base.
"Benefit Cosmetic’s coveted eyebrow pencil easily blends to brighten and visibly lift brown. Its linen-pink shade and creamy texture leaves a natural-looking matte finish and is ideal for all skintones. Complete your brow look by masking stray hairs and accentuating your arches for brighter, boosted and younger-looking eyes"
I actually reviewed the old High Brow before but I was told that it contains the same awesome ingredients! If you would like to read my review on the High Brow then just click here.
Now these are new. I haven't even seen these in the website before so this is a plus! It's actually a guide on how you can achieve the perfect archs! I will show you later how it works!

I also tried these stencils using BrowZings and it worked really well for me too!
The first step is to choose the arch that you would want. Actually, what I did was choose the arch that already fits my natural archs so I chose Look 2.
Then use the Goof-Proof Brow Pencil to draw a line on top of the stencil, and that will be your guide. I also used the stencil for the top part of my brow by positioning the brow stencil on top of my brow and used the pencil to draw a line on top of the stencil.

Then I used short hair-like strokes to mimic hairs to fill in the entire brow with product so that there will be no spaces in between the hairs. Make sure that you use the spoolie to blend out any harsh lines.
Next, apply HIGH BROW on your brow bone and blend really well until there are no harsh lines. What this does is actually accentuate the arch of your brows and it will give your entire eye area a "lift".
The last step would be applying READY, SET, BROW! on your eyebrows by brushing the wand on your eyebrows. Make sure that you groom and make sure the hairs are in the right direction before the gel sets.

This product will keep the brow hairs in place.
Even though I haven't been to a brow salon lately to have my brows groomed and cleaned, I really feel I've got it goin' on because Benefit promotes natural looking eyebrows.

I love how this kit is so easy to use and the guide definitely helped me a lot on how to shape them on how I would like them to come out.
If you are a rookie when it comes to makeup, or just in the eyebrow department in particular, then I would recommend starting with their eyebrow kits. They contain four products each that would give you the effect that you want (based on what is written on the kit) and you get basic instructions on how to use them too! It's absolutely fail-safe.

But not only brow-ginners will enjoy these kits, but other makeup lovers too because you get all the right brow stuff for just PhP 1,900!

Which Benefit Brow Kit would you choose?

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  1. Your brows!!!! <3 As always they kill it with the presentation :)

    CJ | From Manila with Love Blog

    1. Aww... Thank you so much! And thank you for dropping by! ♥

  2. This is truly a steal! For Php1,900, I think I might go ahead and get this!


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