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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


This has got to be one of the longest posts I have ever done, but I am very excited to share with you this post! I am also proud of my shots in this post because I think it looks pro. LOL Just humor me! I am not the best flat lay photographer but I think it's good enough! I hope they're clear enough for your guys though.

So, last January, I attended the re-launch of FS Cosmetics (Features and Shades Cosmetics), the same products but different look! Some were reformulated for the better, but some are the classic FS products that we all have learned to love. Once dubbed as the MAC Cosmetics of the Philippines, FS Cosmetics is now back as Features and Shades Cosmetics with a much modern and sleek look.

I myself have been using FS for a long time with my clients, specially the eyeshadows because of the wide selection of shades and their highly pigmented products. I remember when they first came out with their eyeshadow collection, I did a major haul on their products. You can check out that post HERE, and posted a video on how to use their eyeshadows HERE.

Features and Shades Cosmetics
And not to mention, their eyeshadows are like Inglot's Freedom System where you can create your own customized palettes in fours. It's not as high-tech as Inglot, but you get the idea.

Features and Shades consists of a really extensive makeup line from makeup base to lipsticks to makeup tools. I have been a fan of FS Cosmetics for a while now because they have affordable cosmetics and they can be passed as professional cosmetics.

Their products are highly pigmented and it does last all day when you need them to. Made with quality ingredients, FS Cosmetics does not disappoint.

Allow me to give you a not-so simple walk through of some of their products that are available:


Let's start with the Face Primer. It is a slightly tinted silicone-based face primer that applies smoothly on the face, and really does its job well in masking large pores.
FS Cosmetics Face Primer
Although I did notice that if you apply too much, it tends to flake on top of the skin and the foundation does not sit well on top of it.
You have to apply this primer as thinly as possible, and I would recommend applying it only on areas that you need it the most, like the nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead.
I did notice in the past that BLUR CREAMS are an improved/tinted version of face primers. This primer reminded me so much of Pixi by Petra Flawless and Poreless Face Primer. I think it does glide on well on the skin and blurs imperfections that need disguising. Like the huge pores on my nose. I didn't notice any pore-clogging after using this primer a couple of times.

These concealer sticks are more like cream foundations to me. It's a dual purpose concealer stick that you can use both as a full-coverage base, for contouring and highlighting, or just to conceal. It's very versatile. I personally love using it for highlighting and contouring when I am doing traditional makeup.

You can watch the video of me using concealer sticks for highlighting and contouring here.
These Concealer sticks come in four different shades: Cashew, Chestnut, Sand, and Walnut.
These have a very creamy consistency and it's extremely blendable. If you remember VOV Cosmetics, these actually remind me of their Cream Foundations. Just a little gives a very full and thick coverage.

They can easily be mixed together too for a more customized shade for your skin shade/tone.
The shade may look too yellow and muddy, but the camera does not do justice to the chestnut shade of concealer stick. It's actually perfect for contouring! I love the creamy texture. Although, I am not a big fan of the fragrance though.
Chestnut Concealer Stick for contouring
Sand Concealer Stick for highlighting
I love how the two shades came together and gave dimension to my face. You just have to really blend the two shades together with a nice foundation brush. I used SOFFIA Opulence Perfect Skin Foundation Brush to blend.

In spite of the really heavy makeup base, it did not set in my fine lines or the creases of my face! It's really flexible!


This two-way cake foundation is a versatile compact foundation that can be used either dry or wet. The last two-way cake foundation I wrote about was Pixy's Ultimate Makeup Cake and that one was actually good IF you find your perfect shade though. Otherwise, it will look too "cakey" if you know what I mean.
It comes in a sleek, professional packaging that separates the sponge from the compact powder. I love casings like these because it does not contaminate the product after each use of the product. So that is a plus for me.
The Two-Way Cake Foundation comes in 7 Pinay-friendly shades: Silk, Satin, Chino, Duchess, Orleans, Organza, and Rajah.
When used alone, you can see how thick the powder is. The coverage and the consistency actually reminds me of MAC's Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundations -minus the smell though. I am not overly fond of perfumed makeup, and this one does not sit well on me. Don't get me wrong, I am loving the coverage and the shades that they have made available, even the SPF they put in there. But I am not loving the perfumed smell.

Kind of like Max Factor's Creme Puff Pressed Powder. For some people the smell does not bother them, but for me, it's a little too perfumed for my taste. I would have loved it more if they removed the sickly sweet smell of the powder.
Check out the coverage and the finish of this powder. It does not look chalky at all, nor does it look cakey. It has a nice invisible finish and can cover blemishes well, and veins!

Their blushes contain Vitamin E which is said to be good for the skin. I am a big fan of Vitamin E so that alone is a really big plus for me.

Their powder blush comes in a sturdy, high-class looking packaging which love because it looks pro.
FSC's blush line comes in 6 shades: Twinkle Tan, Silky Coral Pink, Warm Chiffon, Hush Pink, Nude Peach, and Georgia Peach. I received two of their shades and I love them both because they go so well together!

Some of you may not know this about blush, but it's nice to use two shades of blush when doing your makeup. You can use a darker shade on your cheekbones for contouring, and a lighter shade blush for the apples of your cheeks. They should just be in the same undertone family though so that they wouldn't clash, and still give you a very seamless and fluid look.
I don't know why their packaging reminds me of Dior and Chanel. Plus, I am loving the quilted look of the blush!
Warm Chiffon is dark enough to be used as a contouring powder on the cheeks! So that's what I used for contouring the hallows of my cheeks to give my cheekbones a lift.
I combined these two shades together by using the Warm Chiffon as contour for my cheekbones, and Silky Coral Pink as my main blush.

Every brand seems to be coming out with their own version of this blush -a combination of pink and orange undertones with gold iridescent finish. Pink Sugar has their own version, Sleek, and Elizabeth Arden. This is actually based on NARS' most famous blush: Orgasm.
Here is a photo of the combined blushes: I love how they go well together creating depth, and a more 3-dimensional look.

I have ranted about FS Cosmetics' eyeshadows before when they used to have a different name. You can find that post here actually, and I even did a YouTube tutorial using one of their famed eyeshadow single in Espresso. But let bygones be bygones on why the name change because FS Cosmetics is now here to stay.
I think aside from the shade Espresso, this has got to be one of my favorite shades from the single eyeshadow range because it's perfect for brides. Plus, the shade reminds me of one of MAC's brown shade from the MAC Pedro Lourenço Nude Quad (shade is Era) that came out a couple of years back.
I am just crazy about brown eyeshadow shades. They are the easiest to apply and it's the most wearable shade for the day or evening.
I most specially love how pigmented their eyeshadows are, and how long-lasting it is too! They have the same texture as MAC too and Bobbi Brown eyeshadows.

It's not chalky, and it's extremely blendable. Some eyeshadows end up more on your cheek when blending rather than your eyes but these eyshadows are nothing like that. It sticks on your eyes and looks even better after being worn awhile.

For as long as I can remember, looking for the right mascara has been my problem because only twi brands have done it for me: Maybelline, and Lancome.

Lancome has several mascaras but only one formulation worked really well for me and that was L'Xtreme which is a waterproof mascara. Unfortunately, they discontinued that so Maybelline was the next best thing for me. Whether I use it on myself or on my clients.

My most favorite from Maybelline? Maybelline HyperCurl Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara.
FS Cosmetics Mascarade Volumnizing Mascara
The Mascarade Volumnizing Mascara comes with a spoolie brush. A not-so special, one of a kind spoolie brush that some mascaras have that claim to have a special feature like Canmake's Gokubuto Mascara, or Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions Mascara. But still, this mascara does the job well in applying the mascara on the eyelashes.
After applying two-coats of mascara, this is the effect it gives. It may not have the lengthening effect or even the volumnizing effect I was hoping for, but it should do. You can layer more layers but that might weigh the lashes down.

Some people would apply mascara first before curling their lashes, but I do not recommend that because the lashes can break.
I do like the fact that I was not allergic to the mascara formula. I have very sensitive eyes and eye products (eyeliner or mascara) usually make my eyes water, but with Mascarade, I didn't get teary, stingy eyes and I wore the mascara the whole day!

Plus the fact that even when I got oily and sweaty towards the end of the day, it didn't smudge or end up in my undereye area. So that's always a plus for me.

The Luscious Lipstick line comes in 9 matte shades and 10 creamy shades. These matte lipsticks have a finish and pigment that reminds me of Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipsticks, but these are supposed to be matte, and those ones from Covergirl are actually more marketed as on the creamy side.
FS Cosmetics Luscious Lipstick, PhP 299/each
The packaging comes in a mechanical-type form. You press the bottom of the tube and the lipstick comes out.
And the best part is, it comes with a mirror on the side of the tube so you can do a quick retouch anytime, anywhere!

Although this is not the first time I saw lipstick packaging like this with the mechanical type. M&Co. Cosmetics have this kind of tubes too.
I received two pink shades of matte lipsticks. Only a slight difference on the shades but I favor the Matte Primrose more. It reminds me of MAC's Girl About Town lipstick.
Matte Primrose's shade is similar also to Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me's 24 Carats and Playing Footsie. I think I am really attracted to these kinds of bright, hot pink lippies!
"Feel glamorous with color-rich Features & Shades True Light Liquid Lipstick with its signature illuminating cap and side mirror that make color application easy, convenient and fun even in dim-lighted rooms.

Enriched with Vitamin E, it protects your lips from damaging sun rays while keeping your lips on point! Choose from nine (9) available shades made to complement Filipina skin."
FS Cosmetics True Light Liquid Lipstick
I am not a big fan of lip gloss, or any lipstick that has gloss in them because I tend to end up with most of it on my teeth. Plus, the retouching effort is too much for me to handle specially when I attend events that serve cocktails or a meal, and I always end up lipstick-less in photos.

Although some glossy lipsticks are long lasting like MAC's lipglass, but most often than not, I opt for matte lippies because depending on the formulation, those last longer than creamy lipsticks or glossy ones.
I haven't seen this kind of packaging before in other brands and that's what makes it unique. It makes retouching in the dark so easy and convenient!

The wand comes with tiny led lights and comes with a mirror too!
Don't get me wrong though, I do love this uber feminine and girly shade! It's perfect for brides too! Although it's not completely me to be wearing something uber girly, I do wear this lipstick from time to time.
The Liquid Lipstick range come in 9 shades to choose from. 5 of which are glossy, and 4 shades are creamy. Maybe I will like the creamy ones more than the glossy type. I am a little biased when it comes to lip gloss.

I am hoping the creamy ones will have a finish like Happy Skin's Shut Up & Kiss Me Power Pout Moisturizing Lip Lacquer! That one I really like because it's actually more lipstick than gloss, and it doesn't have a sticky feel on the lips.

FS Cosmetics have a wide range of makeup tools as well. From sponges, to makeup brushes to eyelash curlers -which, by the way, has been dubbed as the Shu Uemura curler of the Philippines but fraction of the price!
Since the 2Way Powder Foundation was too heavy to be used to set my cream foundation base, and since the 2Way Powder Foundation Powder is a medium-full coverage base on its own, I used a light powder for setting my base. I used T.LeClerc's Banane Pressed Powder.

I just love my makeup look today! I love how polished I look without looking over done, in spite of the really heavy cream concealers I used as a base.

In conclusion, although I am genuinely happy with the new FS Cosmetics makeup line because their makeup are of quality, I am not a big fan of very fragrant cosmetics, specially ones that smell of strong vanilla (or maybe white chocolate?). I am a big fan of their eyeshadows and their lipsticks. I would have loved their 2Way Cake foundation as well and other pressed powders if it wasn't for the smell. And this is not just because I am pregnant!

I really hope they do something about the smell of the powders. I am going to purchase their BB Cream soon because I am really curious about the finish! I am a big fan of BB Creams and I hope it doesn't have a smell though.

Like FS Cosmetics Philippines' Facebook Page to know more about their latest products, promos, updates and product information:

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  1. I am dying to try out their concealer sticks if they work that well as a cream contour! Where to buy these?

  2. Beautiful make up :) Love the post :) Thnaks for sharing :)

  3. I found the best BB cream shade for me in FS Cosmetics' Filipina. Texture is fine, too, once blended well. Prefer their BB cream over Pink Sugar's, which I find a bit liquidy plus don't really like the shimmer haha.
    Thanks for reviewing their mascara as that's on my to-try list.

  4. Will try their BB creams! Am currently using Maybelline's, and it seems too light for me.


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