Pixi Moisturizing Cleansing Cloths Review

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Everywhere we look now a days, beauty brands seem to be coming out with their own version of cleansing cloths. And now, Pixi by Petra launches their own version which I rather enjoyed using.

Pixi Moisturizing Cleansing Cloths are infused with aloe vera and camellia oil to hydrate, soothe and nourish the skin while cleansing impurities. It's so funny to get excited about makeup removing wipes  each time brands send me theirs, but I was really hyped that Pixi was introducing an affordable cleansing wipe pack that's only PhP 499 for 40 sheets!

Pixi by Petra Moisturizing Cleansing Cloths 40 cloths, PhP 499
It's almost the same price as Bioré's Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets which is PhP 425 for 44 sheets. I just wonder if Pixi's cleansing cloths remove makeup as easily as Biore´. It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Bioré Cleansing Oil Facial Sheets, and it kind of has been my basis for all cleansing wipes that come out in the market today.

When I first received these I assumed they would be makeup removers, but it does not say anything on the package about them being capable of removing makeup. So that's where it got confusing for me. Usually when they say "cleansing cloths" they're supposed to remove makeup so I got a little bit confused about that part. But let's see shall we?
Looking at the ingredients list, these wipes are a real treat for the face in the morning or in the afternoon (when you are not wearing any makeup) and whenever I feel like my skin has become sweaty and sticky. These wipes are perfect to bring with you to the gym because they're more for quenching parched and tried skin. 

Enriched with aloe vera and camellia oil, they provide an instant cooling effect along with lasting hydration, which is not very typical for cleansing wipes in general. I'll move on to that later.
These wipes come in a green sturdy plastic packaging with a resealable cover so that the wipes won't dry out. I do love Pixi's packaging. They look so clean.
The material of the cleansing cloth has a soft-cotton feel, and it's not as rough as baby wipes that you buy in supermarkets, and it's not as smooth-gliding as Bioré's either. It's actually quite pleasant. Just right. The slightly damp cloths makes it easy to control because it's not that slippery and you don't end up with too much wet sticky stuff on your face.
This is tired-looking me (with magulo hair) after an event I attended -excuse the hair LOL. My makeup has faded, so you'll see how light the makeup is now. I know that it won't take a lot of effort to remove this kind of washed out makeup, but I still do have liquid foundation, powder, brows, eyeshadow, pencil liner, cheeks and lips, which is kind of tough to completely remove with just a foaming cleanser.
Using only one Pixi Moisturizing Cleansing Cloth, I was able to remove the makeup off my entire face.

Although I had to really go back and fourth across my skin because these wipes are not as wet compared to other makeup removing wipes, but then again to be fair -these are not makeup removing wipes.
For a non makeup-removing cleansing wipes, these removed my long-lasting liquid matte lippie real well, and I didn't have to do a whole lotta scrubbing. So I would have to give these the compliment that it deserves in spite of them not being makeup-removing cleansing wipes.
In my honest opinion, even though these wipes are not intended for makeup removal, and they were made purely for skin refreshment, they did their job well in removing my makeup! 

Maybe it's because I wear light makeup (liquid foundation, pressed powder, eyeshadow, liner, blush and lipstick -no mascara) that's why it did an excellent job in removing my makeup. But in spite of these wipes being a little bit on the dry side (only slightly damp), they removed and refreshed my face really well.
As I have mentioned earlier, I think these would be great for traveling, doing outdoor activities like hiking, or going the gym. But for me? I’ve been using them for after I wake up to immediately remove the leftover residue from my overnight mask, and to remove light makeup, but I still have to cleanse my face after).

You probably think that I could just go ahead and skip the cleansing wipes and just go straight to washing my face, but when I do, I still have to follow up with products to make sure I did remove all the makeup, so might as well remove them first before washing. A wipe is a much faster solution, in my honest opinion!

Although when I am wearing really heavy makeup like cream makeup, waterproof mascara and eyeliner, then I would use a good cleansing oil before washing my face.

Have you tried any of the cleansing wipes I have featured yet? Which one is your favorite?

Leave a comment, and you just might 

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  1. I want to try them ;) I usally use Pixi tonic :)

  2. I would rather stick to baby wipes since I feel they are move effective in removing makeup on my lazy days :) Plus, they're cheaper!

  3. I think this has the same effect as regular baby wipes at least for me. :)

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